Sales tax revenues down in most areas in the county

Eupora saw a 6 percent or $32,369 decrease in sales tax collections during September.

The city reported $32,369 in sales tax for September, up from the $34,566 for the same month in 2012. Since the state fiscal year began July 1, Eupora has seen a 2 percent decrease in sales tax or $3,384.

Mathiston’s collections of $14,492 in September were down $1,330, or about 8 percent, from the $15,822 collected the same month last year. Fiscal year-to-date collections are down about 2 percent or $1,112.

The Mississippi Department of Revenue collects 81.5 percent of the 7 percent sales tax from municipalities and distributes the remaining 18.5 percent back to the municipalities over a three-month cycle.

These figures reflect other municipal sales taxes collected on September sales with 2012 figures in parentheses:

• Maben: $6,306 ($6,518)

• Mantee: $2,207 ($2,520)

• Walthall: $1,811 ($1,786).