Jail Docket

Nov. 13

Michael Joe Welch, DOB 03-28-69, WM; SO7: suspended DL under implied consent.

Marcus D. Brown, DOB 08-29-85, BM, BM; suspended DL under implied consent.

April Weeks, DOB 05-12-83, WF; bond surrendered: bad checks.

Nov. 15

Johnathan Shaw, DOB 03-05-85, BM; SO4: failure to pay child support.

Bobby L. Eubanks, DOB 08-06-82, WM; self: court ordered to serve 30 days.

Nov. 16

Robert McCarter, DOB 07-14-75, BM; self: court-ordered to serve 10 days.

Nov. 17

Christopher Reed Morris, DOB 07-07-72, BM; Mathiston 4: DUI and failure to yield to blue lights.

Shawn Stafford, DOB 05-26-78, WM; Eupora 7: possession of beer and possession of crack.

Nathan F. Herard, DOB 10-31-77, WM; E7: DUI-refusal, possession of controlled substance, possession of beer and careless driving.

These arrests were obtained from the public docket at the Webster County Jail. An arrest does not mean the accused is guilty. U.S. citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.