Canadian bicyclist pays Maben visit

By Terry Harpole

For the WPT


“No act of kindness is ever wasted,” — Aesop, from “The Lion and The Mouse.”

Maybe these words will well fit some of the townspeople of Maben after the visit of a young bicyclist from Canada on the day and night of Oct. 21.

On a bike trip of many miles, 23-year-old Mathias Prelog, who was born in Milton, Ontario, rode into Maben and inquired about a place to camp for the night.

After contacting Maben Mayor Larry Pruitt and others, Prelog was told he could camp in the W. O. “Bill” Shivers Park for the night. This was not all, as Mayor Pruitt and his wife, according to, Prelog brought him some delicious soup for supper.

In Prelog’s short stay in Maben, he did meet other people of the town, such as Robert Herd, a member of the town board, and his wife, who are neighbors of the park, and the Maben postmaster.

Prelog, an avid cyclist, left his home in Milton on July 13, making many stops along the way. Before leaving Maben, he had a short breakfast break at Dew’s Place.

On leaving Maben, Prelog planned to make his way to the Jackson-Ridgeland area, and then onto New Orleans and New York before returning home.

This was a pleasant visit for Mathias Prelog and the people who did meet him before he left.

Prelog before leaving Dew’s Place and Maben

Prelog before leaving Dew’s Place and Maben