All-Crown Beauty Pageant held by Civic League of Mathiston

By Betty Jeffcoats

President, Civic

League of Mathiston


Bennett Auditorium was the setting of our 2013 Miss/Mister Mathiston All-Crown Beauty Pageant on Oct. 12, which was hosted by the Civic League of Mathiston.

We had a great turnout, both with the contestants and the friends and family that came out to watch. This year our pageant was formal, and all of our girls were just beautiful and all of our boys were so handsome.

It was a beautiful day to have a pageant and we want to thank each of you that came and supported this pageant. We look forward to next year’s and we pray that our pageant continues to grow with each passing year.

These are our 2013 queens and kings:

Teeny Tiny Miss Mathiston is Baylor Leigh Christensen.

Tiny Miss Mathiston is Aliza Marie Collins.

Wee Mister Mathiston is Braxten Helms.

Wee Miss Mathiston is Mallorie Jade McKenzie.

Little Mister Mathiston is John Austin Myers.

Petite Miss Mathiston is Macy Bryant.

Junior Mister Mathiston is Paytton Joel Anderson.

Little Miss Mathiston is Emily Paige Cardin.

Young Miss Mathiston is Mary Grace Ruth.

Teen Miss Mathiston is Sarah Rebekah Davenport.

Junior Miss Mathiston is Hailey Bryant.

Miss Mathiston is Allyssa Nichole Edmonds .

Ms. Mathiston is Kimberly Denley.