Wishing for others rather than wanting from the Claus

Many of you may have read in October 2’s editorial that the Webster Progress Times will be publishing Letters of the Season this year.  I guess one could say we are saying Live, Give, Forgive instead of Ho! Ho! Ho!

Many may question why we have decided to take a different focus this year and the answer is quite simple.  The Webster Progress Times is focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.

In life there are many distractions that can lead us astray and take our eyes off of what is really true.  These distractions such as Santa Claus are innately good in nature, but tend to take our minds off of the true reason for the season.

The focus of Christmas should be on Jesus.  As I explained to my 18 month old son, God loves us so much that He gave us Jesus.  Jesus gave us His life to live by and might I point out that it was a life of giving and serving others.  Whether you believe in Jesus or not, you must note that He lived a selfless life.

This Christmas get in the spirit of giving and serving.  The gift doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.  It can just be visiting with an old friend or baking cookies for the widow down the street.  Maybe it’s fixing your neighbors roof or just simply taking the time to take a cup of coffee to that homeless man on the corner. Or maybe it’s time to call that relative who made you angry 10 years ago and say all is forgiven.

Webster Countians, look into your hearts this Christmas and really ponder about that special little Baby that was born that Christmas night.  Think about the life that the Holy Child led and strive to live a life similar to His, a life of giving and serving.

This Christmas focus on the true meaning and give to others.

Editor’s note: Hanna McCain is an advertising consultant with the Winston County Journal, Choctaw Plaindealer and Webster Progress Times. She encourages businesses to advertise in the newspapers’ Christmas Greetings section Wednesday, December 25. The deadline for the Letters of Giving and gratefulness is December 18.