Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

Oct. 27, 1938

Yes, We Now Have Corn Sextuplets!

Will this corn business of multiple ears never end? Two weeks ago a display of twin ears caused comment, brought in by J.H. Vaughan. Last week, Curry Meredith brought in triple ears to add to the interest. Now this week, first came C.B. Golden of Lollar’s Grove with quadruple ears.

We thought such display certainly would end the thing, and that Clyde would add another championship to his long list. However, he had hardly departed from our office when C.T. Henley of Clarkson arrived with quintuplet ears. But, lo and behold, then came W.M. Wood, good farmer of ‘Punkin’ Center, bringing a well-developed sextuplet ear, or ears; anyway, all having grown from a common stem.

And just to show that he knows his business when it comes to growing things in multiples; Mr. Wood fetched along at the same time a quadruplet potato. Should we mention this last phenomenon, or have we started something else?

Double Springs News:

Mrs. Leon Cobb and daughter, Jetty Ruth, of Enid spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Scarborough of this place.

Mr. Slash Hillhouse is visiting his son in Missouri at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Dixon and children spent Sunday in the home of Mr. A.E. Beaird.

Mr. and Mrs. L.V. Runnels, Miss Roxie Beaird and Mr. Homer Lee Guest were Sunday guests of Miss Irene Wells of Fame.

Misses Virginia Beaird, Maggie and Kathleen Hillhouse were Sunday guests of Miss Bonnie Mavis Dunn.

Mr. and Mrs. Granville Brewer and children of Fame spent Sunday with their mother and grandmother, Mrs. Fannie Brewer.

Mrs. T.H. Guest and Mrs. Parker Williams spent Tuesday with Mrs. R.A. Ward.

Miss Melba Ward of Mathiston spent the weekend with her parents.

Miss Virgie Guest, Martha and Frank Hugh Guest visited their aunt, Mrs. J.M. Ward Saturday afternoon.

50 Years Ago:

Oct. 24, 1963

Gum Springs News:

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Goines had relatives from Clarksdale visit them during the weekend.

Sunday visitors with Mrs. Moree Vaughan and family were Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Trull, Mrs. Leon Goines and Mr. Gerstle Card, Babs and Marion.

Mr. Robert Wright and family of Memphis were weekend visitors with parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Bilbo Wright.

Recent visitor with Mrs. Moree Vaughan and family were Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Hillhouse and family of Greenville, Mr. Hix McKee and family of Calhoun City and Mrs. G.L. Langston and Mrs. Opal Gordon and grandson of Vardaman.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Little of Greenwood were recent visitors with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bilbo Wright.

Mr. and Mrs. M.G. Card and children spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Junior Rodgers at Springhill.

Miss Kathy Vaughan spent Sunday with Miss Sandra Williams.

Fame News:

Mrs. Alice White was a Friday night supper guest in the O.B. White home.

Little Paula Gale and David Webb of Walthall spent the weekend with grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Webb.

Mr. J.D. Rushing visited in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

Mrs. E.L. Ponder visited Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Ponder in Cumberland on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hendrix were Sunday night visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Fason visited a while Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Rushing.

Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Young and Mr. Willie Bridges called a while Sunday afternoon in the Elvis Foust home.

Miss Jimmie Dale Fason was at home Sunday from Wood Junior College.

25 Years Ago:

Oct. 26, 1988

New Hope News:

Thursday visitors with Mrs. Mary Doss were Mr. and Mrs. William McCluskey of Starkville, Mrs. Myrtle Vance and Mrs. Larene McCluskey of Calhoun City. Saturday visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Doss and Joy of Charleston and Mrs. Rena England and Mrs. Eloise Riley of Bradford Chapel Community.

Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Howard Skelton Tuesday were Mrs. Rena England of Bradford Chapel, Mr. and Mrs. Hayes of Memphis, Mrs. Bryant McCluskey and Mrs. Myrtle Vance of Calhoun City. Sunday afternoon visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Moore and Mrs. Mary Lee Weeks of Calhoun City and Mrs. Christine Northrop.

Mrs. Dorothy Lacey of Memphis ate dinner with Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Allen on Wednesday.

David and Carole Nail of Starkville visited a while Sunday afternoon with grandparents Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Allen.

Mrs. David Gregg and Mrs. L.W. Doler of Slate Springs shopped in Columbus Tuesday.

Mt. Zion News:

Bro. Vance visited Mr. and Mrs. Allen Golding last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ray visited Mrs. Trannie Ray on Monday.

Mrs. Ida Farley and Mrs. Allen Golding visited with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Pryor in Winona on Sunday.

Mrs. Ivy Sibley visited the James Camp family last week.

Mr. Carl Ray and Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hugh Curry visited Sunday morning with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ray.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cooper are the proud parents of a baby boy. They have had a number of visitors this week.