‘From Seed to Pumpkin’ featured at story hour

By Dottie Dewberry

For the WPT


After a few days of overcast and rainy days, it was good to wake up to a beautiful day that the Lord has made. On Oct.18, Mrs. Mary chose to read “From Seed to Pumpkin” for the children during story hour. This book is a Scholastic Let’s Read and Find Out Science book, which means that it is educational.

The book told about farmers planting hundreds of seed in the rich fertile soil in the spring. Soon the plants pop out of the ground; the roots go down and the plants grow up.  The shoots are called seedlings. The first two leaves are called the seed leaves. The sunlight gives the leaves energy to make food.  To make food the plants need light, water, and air. The leaves catch the sun light; the roots soak up the rainwater; tiny openings in the leaves let the air in. The leaves mix the air with the water to make sugar which feeds the plant.  The next leaves are rough and prickly but the seed leaves are smooth and round, which soon dry up.  The new leaves now make the food for the pumpkin plant.

The pumpkin plant has many tubes; one takes water to the leaves to make sugar, the other tubes send food down so the pumpkin can grow. Soon flower buds appear and grow into big flowers, which close up during the heat of the day but open up at night. These flowers attract the bees which pollinate the male and female flowers. After the flower fades away, the tiny hard fruit grows into a pumpkin. So from a tiny green pumpkin to yellow to orange the pumpkin gradually changes color.  From seed to pumpkin, it takes four months.

Pumpkins are in general round with lumps and bumps; they come in all sizes and shapes, and colors.

Many people make jack-o’-lanterns or pumpkin pies in the fall.

After the story, the group used finger paint to make a pumpkin patch: green vines, orange pumpkins, and brown stems.

Mrs. Mary had a covered paper plate with a pumpkin vine growing out of the side; she pulled out a pumpkin with a picture of a seed, then a plant, then the pumpkin itself.

After checking out some books the story hour was soon over.