911 calls

Oct. 14

8:35 a.m., alarm, Savannah Lake Road; Webster SO responds.

2:53 p.m., animal complaint, Old Walthall Road; WSO responds.

3:43 p.m., welfare concern, Church Street, Mathiston; Mathiston PD responds.

4:50 p.m., 911 hang-up, West Gould Avenue; Eupora PD responds.

5:15 p.m., medical, Macedonia Road; EMS, WSO respond.

5:18 p.m., fire, Old Cumberland Road; Cumberland FD, WSO respond.

9:03 p.m., stolen purse, Westwood Drive; EPD responds.

Oct. 15

2:30 a.m., medical, Second Avenue; Maben FD, EMS respond.

3:32 a.m., 18-wheeler broken down, Hwy. 15; MHP responds.

8:22 a.m., alarm, Lewis Road; WSO responds.

5:18 p.m., transfer to Clay County.

5:26 p.m., alarm, Bland Road.

6:18 p.m., disturbance, Veterans Memorial Boulevard; EPD responds.

6:42 p.m., Sanders Trailer Park Road, Maben; transferred to Oktibbeha County.

10:21 p.m., B&E, Mt. Vernon Road; EPD responds.

Oct. 16

8:44 a.m., MVA, Hwy. 15, Choctaw County; mutual aid: Mathiston FD responds.

11:23 a.m., request for mutual aid, Hwy. 15, Chickasaw County; EMS responds.

11:36 a.m., medical, Veterans Memorial Boulevard; Calhoun EMS responds.

12:37 p.m., medical, Church Street, Mathiston; EMS responds.

1:25 p.m., locked vehicle, West Roane; EPD responds.

3:07 p.m., theft, Hwy. 82; WSO responds.

8:41 p.m., medical, East Roane Avenue; EMS responds.

8:47 p.m., dog complaint, Hill Street; EPD responds.

Oct. 17

4:21 p.m., traffic accident, Hwy. 9 North; EPD responds.

5:38 p.m., property damage, Clarkson Road; WSO responds.

9:13 p.m., Hwy. 15 South; Mathiston PD responds.

Oct. 18

12:28 a.m., disturbance, Hwy. 82; WSO responds.

10:34 a.m., trespass and verbal dispute, Hwy. 9; WSO responds.

2:16 p.m., 18-wheeler on Natchez Trace; WSO responds.

3:10 p.m., MVA, Wood Circle; Mathiston PD responds.

3:24 p.m., trash in road, Hwy. 82; WSO responds.

4:25 p.m., traffic accident, Clark Avenue; EPD responds.

5:08 p.m., medical, West Roane Avenue; EFD, EMS respond.

8:40 p.m., suspicious person, Mantee Road; WSO responds.

Oct. 19

12:20 a.m., alarm, West Gould Avenue; EPD responds.

1 a.m., alarm, Westwood Park; EPD responds.

7:42 a.m., alarm, East Roane Avenue; EPD responds.

9:25 a.m., controlled burn, Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

10:45 a.m., stolen property, Hwy. 82, Mathiston; WSO responds.

10:49 a.m., transfer to Clay County.

12:51 p.m., medical, West Roane; EMS responds.

3:17 p.m., noise complaint, Louise Street; Maben PD responds.

3:24 p.m., traffic control, Hwy. 9; EPD responds.

9:25 p.m., domestic, Robinson Road; WSO responds.

9:35 p.m., request for SO, East Old Hwy. 82; WSO responds.

10:40 p.m., medical, Hwy. 50 East; WSO, Maben EMRs, EMS respond.

Oct. 20

12:15 a.m., domestic, Westwood Drive; EPD responds.

6:59 a.m., locked car, Veterans Memorial Boulevard; EPD responds.

7:38 a.m., dog complaint, Water Tank Road; WSO responds.

2:46 p.m., wants to file a complaint, West Roane; EPD responds.

2:48 p.m., gas stolen, Hwy. 82; EPD, WSO, Mathiston PD respond.

3:48 p.m., welfare check; transferred to Lowndes County.

3:49 p.m., shots fired, Lollars Grove Road; WSO responds.

Oct. 21

6:49 a.m., locked vehicle, Garan parking lot; EPD responds.