Speaker informs group about Wesley House

For the WPT


“God has a special plan for each of us. If you are breathing, God has a plan for you.” That’s the message that Ginger Grissom, executive director of the Wesley House Community Center brought to the Cooper/Razmus Circle at Mathiston Methodist Church on Oct. 7.

Recounting her experiences with a wide variety of clientele, Grissom described how Wesley House in Meridian offers a “hand up” to those to in need.

“We are a private, non-profit mission. We require those we assist to help themselves, whether by taking classes or other means to improve their station in life,” she explained. “We are not a hand out, we are a hand up.”

Wesley House works to help break the cycle of poverty and abuse. It is supported by the United Methodist Church.

“I never request money when I speak to a group,” Grissom said. “What we need most is your love and prayers and that’s what I request. If we get that, everything else follows.”

Explaining what she called a war of principles, she told the group that the world is different now. “We have good and evil – it is beyond bad. Young girls and young boys are being sold. They are apprehended, drugged and secreted away. It happens in Mississippi and the state’s transportation corridors make it easier.”

Grissom discussed Wesley House’s role in helping victims of human trafficking, community, health and hunger services, and other outreach programs offered there. The program coordinates its services with other agencies to avoid duplication.

“There is nothing better than serving our brothers and sisters. We are all called to service,” she said. For more information about Wesley House, visit www.wesleyhousemeridian.org.