Maben FBC has Fall Festival

By Terry Harpole

For the WPT


Maben First Baptist Church’s annual Fall Festival was held Oct. 9 after being delayed a week because of rains.

Maben First Baptist, where the Rev. Tommy Temple is pastor, has been having this festival for around 10 years.

Main Street or Second Avenue, just south of the fire department and beyond the church was blocked off for the evening’s activities, which began at 6 and ended at 8.

The street was filled with all kinds of children’s games and activities, but that was not all.

Inside the church gym and Christian Life Center were all kinds of activities for the families and young people of the church and communities.

Outside was a concession stand with all kinds of food for the people who wished to eat while there.

The group in the church has the festival each year and funds raised are then used by the young people in various projects and programs for the community.

A large crowd attended the festival, and the choir of the church was supposed to have practiced, as it has already been doing, for its annual Christmas cantata.

The cantata at Maben First Baptist, “Carols by Candlelight,” will be Dec. 1 at 6 p.m.