Growth at EMCC unprecedented

By Rick Young

President, EMCC

Guest Column


When the U.S. economy crashed five years ago, East Mississippi Community College decided to grow. To build. To expand. And at a rate that EMCC had never attempted or experienced.

We built a new football stadium, a Christian fellowship hall and a student union at our Scooba campus.

We won a national football championship. We were featured prominently in a documentary movie. We purchased the former Columbus Country Club to create the Lion Hills Center. We drew up plans for a student union and dorms at our Golden Triangle campus

We added academic classes at our West Point Center. We developed a more robust electronic footprint with our eLearning program.

We reinstated our Associate Degree Nursing program and earned accreditation. We continued to lead the state in workforce development training. We added or enhanced countless student services. And the list goes on and on.

That’s the short version of what EMCC has accomplished over the past five years. Those things happened only because our faculty, staff and students had the will and the commitment to rise to every challenge we set before them.

All of these things were done with one goal in mind: providing our students with the best community college experience in the state. And despite the challenges, we succeeded.


Editor’s Note: This column is an edited version of a “Message from the President” that originally appeared in the 2013 EMCC President’s Report. Dr. Rick Young, president of EMCC, is a Mathiston native and has a home in Ticky Bend.