‘Super Spiders’ invade story hour

By Dottie Dewberry

For the WPT


It was most appropriate for Ms. Mary to choose “Super Spiders” for the Oct. 4 story hour as this is the time of the year that spiders build more and more webs to catch a mate. Yep! This is the time of the year for spiders to mate, so they spiff up the web to catch a mate.

Anyway, the day’s book was titled “Super Spiders,” a Scholastic Vocabulary Reader. First off the small group learned that spiders are not insects: they belong to a group of animals called the arachnids; they have two body parts; and they have eight legs. They have four pairs of eyes, but they still don’t see well. They don’t have noses or ears; they smell through their legs.

Most interestingly, spiders make silk, which they use to catch flies and moths. There are 50,000 kinds of spiders; some big, some small, some have protective coloration, some can jump far and some even take care of their babies.

Next, Ms. Mary had all of us make spider headbands. Take eight strips of black construction paper and fold them back and forth until all of it has been folded accordion style — this will be the eight legs. Take a longer strip of construction paper that will fit around the head, staple the two ends together, forming a headband. Next, staple the legs evenly around the headband. Glue all eight eyes on the front and sides. Place on your head and laugh at yourself.

Ms. Mary then brought out the Play-Doh with the cutters: pumpkins, bats, cats and ghosts. Play-Doh is always a favorite with the younger kids.

Finally, books were checked out, gum was popped into mouths and out the door they went.

Story Hour starts at 10 a.m. on Fridays at the Maben Public Library. It is open for kids 3 through 6 years of age.