Ashley Tutor paying her dues

By Don Pounds

For the WPT


Anyone in the entertainment business will tell you nothing comes easy and becoming a star isn’t cheap. I am working with three young entertainers who are aiming for the big time.

Ashley Tutor is a Mississippi teen with big dreams. She sports flaming red hair, a rock-n-roll guitar, a demo CD and an arsenal of songs. She will play for anyone who will listen. If someone throws a dollar her way, she will put it toward guitar picks and gas for the next show.

Ashley plays almost every festival and motorcycle rally in a 100-mile radius. She is quickly making a name for herself. Playing anywhere and everywhere for little or no money is called paying your dues.

During those first couple of lean years, the young entertainer chases mostly dead ends. For those who work through it and keep on trying, they usually figure out how to get a piece of the pie. Unfortunately 90 percent give up before they come anywhere close to achieving their goals. You must at least break even in order to keep trying to make it in the music business.

Next year Ashley Tutor will be trying for some feature entertainer spots in bigger shows. Will she get it? If I was a betting man I would say yes.

Check out events coming to your town. Chances are, Ashley Tutor will be performing there. She will be paying her dues one show at a time.