Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

Oct. 6, 1938

Eupora Businessman Does a Corrigan

Something’s been in the air since that daring young Irishman took off from New York for California and landed in Ireland.

One day last week, A.C. Hooper, genial manager of the local Chevrolet agency, made a hurried trip to Anniston, AL. Transacting his business there, anxious to get home, he jumped into his Chevrolet, turned a corner into Highway 78, drove around a mountain, and lit out in what he thought was the direction of Eupora.

He didn’t discover that he was going east until advertising signs informed him that he was in the suburbs of Atlanta. The Progress would be reluctant to print such a story about some local businessmen, but Mr. Hooper is a teetotaler and a seven-days Methodist. Maybe he and Corrigan are like Bilbo’s blind mule.

Fall-Blooming Peach Not Portentous

Mrs. J.W. Stewart of Springhill writes that Mrs. Carroll’s fall-blooming peach tree is nothing new to people of my age. I have seen it happen several times in our orchard and have never thought of it being a sign of ominous nature.

In talking with a neighbor, however, I was informed that she had heard that it meant there would be a death in the family. My husband said that he had always heard that the next year would be a bad fruit year, but had never observed this to be true. I would like to look upon such as merely a freak of nature, and believe that we should not consider such things as bad omens. We have enough trouble in this world without searching for more trouble just because nature gets a little out of balance.

Daniel M. Taylor Sale Attracts Large Crowd

Featuring last week’s retail trade in Eupora was the Daniel M. Taylor “Colossal Clearance Sale”. The large crowds of shoppers which thronged the store attested the fact that low prices and quality merchandise will draw trade from a wide territory. Other Eupora stores enjoyed a lively trade. Mr. Taylor announces this week that special sale prices will continue in effect this week.

50 Years Ago:

Oct. 3, 1963

Sherwood News:

Miss Brenda Dobbs of Columbus visited homefolks this week.

Mrs. Sally Sanderson visited Mrs. Cline Smith Monday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. John Allan Smith and Michelle of Starkville attended church at Fellowship Sunday and visited home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brooks of Winona visited Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Brooks Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Gammill of Adaton visited Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Brooks and Mrs. William Oswalt and Bruce on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Oswalt visited Mrs. Ida Brooks Saturday evening.

Mrs. Ruby Halford, Mrs. Susie Bruce and Mrs. Lector Loy made a business trip to Ackerman Tuesday.

Mrs. Putnam visited Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Brooks and Mrs. Ruthie Dobbs Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Morelle Breland and Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Lewis visited Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Lewis in Houston Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Bussie Fulgham spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Brooks and boys.

Peppertown News:

Mrs. Verton Willis of Booneville is visiting her niece, Mrs. Jim Palmertree this week.

Mrs. Flora Pepper spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. J.B. Pepper.

The Everett Pepper family spent Sunday in the Howell Pepper home.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart of Fame and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hood of Maben visited in the James R. Pepper home Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Kay Pepper and Sandra and Mrs. Ellen Pepper and Johnny visited a while with Mrs. Kara Pepper Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Nellie Palmertree and son, Harvey attended the funeral of her uncle, Mr. Rufus Deaton at Phillip on Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pepper and boys were Sunday visitors in the Wade Pepper home.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pepper and baby visited a while with the J.B. Anderson Saturday night.

25 Years Ago:

Oct. 5, 1988

West Shady Grove News:

Thomas Bailey of Memphis visited with his mother, Mrs. Minnie Bailey last Saturday. On Sunday, Minnie’s daughter, Lovinia Bounds visited her. Lovinia also lives in Memphis. They were Sunday visitors for lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey and their daughter, Mrs. Patsy Hunter, who was their visitor, also of Memphis.

Mrs. Ersel Patton has moved into her new home. We are glad to have her back in our community again.

David Peeples and little daughter from Alabama visited Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Christine Bailey.

Jim Bailey is expected to return home on Friday.

Walthall News:

We extend sympathy to Mrs. Dorothy Ray, Mrs. Mary Julia Brooks and their family in the death of their loved one, Mrs. Eva Latham.

Mr. Otha Bailey visited with Givens Bailey on Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Palmer, Joey and Michael visited with Mr. and Mrs. Harden in Cleveland on Sunday.

We extend sympathy to Mr. Cecil Bailey, Clyde Bailey and Givens in the death of their sister, Mrs. Ann Warren.

Mrs. Lester Webb spent a week with her sister in California.

Mrs. Ruth Wilson is now in Burke, VA near her son, Tom.