Palmer Home visits Maben Methodist Men

By Terry Harpole

For the WPT


Emily Moak was the guest speaker for the Maben Methodist Men’s Sept. 22 breakfast meeting, which included the ladies of the church.

Moak is development director with Palmer Home for Children in Columbus. She shared information and a slide presentation about Palmer Home with the group, in which was learned that at least three of the people there had been longtime supporters of the Palmer Home.

Palmer Home was started years ago by a Presbyterian preacher by the name of Jacobs and has grown since. It also has a campus in Hernando, which has three cottages. The one in Columbus has six cottages with eight children living in each.

Palmer Home has children living in the cottages because of the failure of their parents not being able to care for them, for any reason.

Some of the Palmer Homes’ children do attend public schools, but most attend private schools or are home-schooled.

The children, according to Moak, take on many projects, such as raising a vegetable and flower garden at each cottage. The vegetables and flowers are then sold to the public to support the projects of the cottages and the home.

Palmer Home has an interesting website that the public can learn more from: It does welcome any support, at Palmer Home for Children, P.O. Box 146, Columbus, MS 39703-0146.