Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

Sept. 29, 1938

Webster Peach Tree Adds to Pandemonium

The Book of Revelations is the most popular part of the Bible today. With war and rumors of war threatening the security of the world, people are prone to look for and to see ominous “signs” in almost every unusual event or freak of nature.

From Mrs. J.E. Carroll of Embry come peach blossoms and a letter: “If there is anything to signs, what is the meaning of peach trees blooming in late September? This tree bore peaches plentifully in the summer and now it is in bloom in again. I never saw peach trees bloom in the fall before. Have you?”

All prophets and sons of prophets, amateur or professionals, are requested to explain September-blooming peach trees at Embry, MS and relate their connection with the Plutonic atmosphere now hovering over many parts of the earth.

Bellefontaine Brevities:

Recent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Hardy were Mr. and Mrs. Lent Wray, Mrs. Elmo Brouch, Miss Sallie Wray Walker, Sam Walker of Duck Hill and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wright of Slate Springs.

Rev. J.B. Dorroh preaches at Fellowship Sunday to an appreciative audience.

Mr. and Mrs. X.L. Swindoll and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swindoll and son, X.L. of Alva were Sunday visitors with Mrs. M.H. Evans.

Mrs. Talbert Evans and little James spent the weekend with parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Hoods at Lodi.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hardy were Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shaw at Embry.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Miles are entertaining a big boy who arrived last Friday named Joe James Miles.

Mr. and Mrs. Pervie Shaw of Embry were Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Justin Pounds.

50 Years Ago:

Sept. 26, 1963

Sunset News:

Mr. Billie Baker and family visited last Sunday afternoon with his mother, Mrs. I.L. Baker.

Mrs. Pauline Bowles is enjoying a visit with her cousin, Mr. James Tedder and family in Webster.

Mr. John Wayne Jordan and family of near Atlanta spent the weekend with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Baker. They also visited a while Saturday afternoon with his aunt, Mrs. I.L. Baker.

Mrs. Ethel Jones Bright visited Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. I.L. Baker.

Mrs. Louise Graves spent Thursday of last week with her sister, Mrs. I.L. Baker.

Bellefontaine News:

Rev. and Mrs. J.B. Middleton left early this morning to visit their son, J.B., Jr. in Lexington, KY.

Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Hodges and family, Carol and Jerry of Nashville and Mrs. Joe Humphries and children, Ben, Ken and Robin of Cleveland were weekend visitors of parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Hood.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Betterton and children and Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Watson spent the weekend in Clinton, LA visiting Mrs. Watson’s sister, Mrs. Hazel McDowell.

Mr. Pounds of Birmingham spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Imri Oswalt and the Cecil Skelton family.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moore visited recently with Mr. and Mrs. Fuller Moore in Fair Hope, AL.

Mrs. Elsie Moore spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Jewell Waits at Center.

Mrs. Winford Lollar who has resumed her schoolwork in Memphis spent the weekend at home.

25 Years Ago:

Sept. 28, 1988

Eupora 20th Century Club Donates to Schools

The Eupora 20th Century Club has donated $1000 raised last year for charitable purposes to two Eupora schools. The club donated $500 to the fund for air conditioning the high school auditorium and another $500 to the elementary school for educational purposes.

Members voted to allot the money in that fashion during the business segment of the club’s first meeting of the year at Harvey’s Restaurant in Starkville. The meeting consisted of the installation of new officers and a discussion of club business.

Edgeworth News:

Mr. Lee Gentry and Susan Hester of Winona visited recently with Mrs. R.L. Cooke.

Mrs. Debra Cooper, Jason and Justine visited a while one afternoon last week with Mrs. R.L. Cooke.

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and boys were dinner guests from church recently with Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Hill.

Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Pittman, Leslie and Timothy visited Monday afternoon with Mrs. R.L. Cooke and cut the yard. It was about to be a hayfield.

Mrs. Kelly Land visited one afternoon last week with Mrs. R.L. Cooke.

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