Playground remembers past, celebrates future

For The WPT


The children of Eupora First United Methodist Church have another reason to celebrate with the renovation to their playground space.

Last November at the annual All Saint Celebration, the Rev. Trey Harper announced a plan to renovate the church playground and green space. The newly outfitted area would be named “Little Saints Playground” in honor of the children and in memory of all of those faithful who have gone before.

“Each year at All Saints the church takes time to remember all those who have passed in the last year and challenge believers to be inspired by their witness,” explained Harper, pastor. “Knowing the heart that so many of our people have for our children, we thought it a fitting tribute to allow those memorial gifts to be given for such a wonderful and ‘life-giving’ cause.”

A new sign was erected outside the playground entrance listing those in whose memory gifts were given for this project.

While some minor changes and cleanup were done to the existing facility, the major addition was a wooden playhouse structure with monkey bars and swings.

“The kids love the huge pecan tree that is on the property and we at first envisioned building a treehouse of sorts,” Harper said. “But after looking at our resources, feasibility and our needs, it was decided that a large playhouse unit would be a better fit.”

The EFUMC board of trustees, under the leadership of James Rico, was responsible for much of the manual labor for the playground cleanup. Lifetime trustees Paul Duke and Ruben Walker found the builder of the new unit and handled working with him for installation.

“We are so very blessed with some great trustees and some wonderful dads who really gave a lot of time and energy to make this project a success,” said Harper.

The work done this far is actually only the first phase of the planned renovations.

“There are still some ‘housekeeping’ items left to be done, and of course the kids have lots of new ideas, although I am not quite sure we are ready for a waterpark yet,” Harper joked. “We are a church that truly celebrates children, and providing all they need and more will always be a priority for us as a church and as a Family of Faith.”

EFUMC children, trustees and others take part in the ribbon cutting for “Little Saints Playground.”

EFUMC children, trustees and others take part in the ribbon cutting for “Little Saints Playground.”