Empowered Women’s workshop upcoming in Eupora

From Press Reports


The Empowered Women’s Organization will host a workshop in the dining hall of the Soul City House Of God on Saturday, Sept. 28. The theme for that day is “Do you have what it takes?” (Don’t quit!).

Empowered Women’s Organization is a public social support group, created to promote the empowerment of women and female adolescent in local communities. It is designed exclusively to provide ways for abused women and troubled female adolescents to become self-sufficient in their communities.

A workshop will be held every fourth Saturday of the month to support and strengthen positive character-building skills dealing with vulnerability. This program will partner with other affiliated programs to offer free legal advice, job interview skills, parenting skills, money management and many other resources to enlighten women of their values and potentials, for leading a productive lifestyle and to help lead a productive family. The meetings will begin at 10 a.m. on Churchill at 619 MLK Jr. Drive in Eupora. For more information contact Deborah Grace at 662-341-1318 or email her at grace2uand2me@yahoo.com.