Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

Sept. 22, 1938

Eupora Theatre is Improving Service

For a number of years, Eupora Theatre has been recognized as one of the most efficient, small-city cinema houses in Mississippi. J.F. Wofford, genial manager and owner, has established a reputation second to none in booking latest films and for furnishing the people of this territory with “the last word” in moving picture service.

Two noteworthy improvements have recently been made. Although the sound equipment used for the last year has been beyond criticism, in his zeal to keep up with the times, Mr. Wofford installed last week the very latest sound mechanism obtainable. Theatres in the larger cities can boast of no later equipment.

“This new equipment,” said Mr. Wofford “is known to moving picture men as the new Simplex Four Star Sound System. Heretofore, two systems have held almost equal popularity with the theatres, the Western Electric and the RCA. The Simplex is licensed to employ patents and design features of both of them, and up to the present no other system has been invented that will compare with it.”

Another noteworthy improvement made was the installation of hundreds of the new-type theatre chairs, featuring attractive spring cushioned seats and angled to give the utmost in comfort.

People of this community are proud of Eupora Theatre and appreciate the ambition of Mr. Wofford to give them the utmost in recreational service. The Webster Progress joins hundreds of friends in congratulating him for his alertness. Much of the credit for the theatre’s efficiency should be given to Mr. Wofford’s able assistant, Mr. Mart Mounger.

Bluff Creek News:

Mrs. Levonia Noblin spent Tuesday with Miss Virgie Graham.

Mr. and Mrs. Edd Logan of Dancy spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.F. Snyder.

Little Miss Sallie Lou Snyder spent Friday with her sister, Mrs. Annie Lee Logan of Dancy.

Mr. Claudie Snyder spent Tuesday night with Mr. Wallace Noblin.

Mrs. Levonia Noblin and daughter, Gola Belle, spent Sunday with Mrs. Jim Meredith.

Mr. and Mrs. Doc Breland and daughter, Janie, and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tom Curry spent a while Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Meredith.

Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson and daughter, Mary Etta, Mr. and Mrs. Tilman Elmore and children and Mr. Emmett Grimsley and daughter, Mary Alice, were among the ones who attended the singing at Cairo Sunday.

50 Years Ago:

Sept. 19, 1963

Sky Diving Show Sunday at Airport

The newly organized Eupora Para-divers in cooperation with the Mississippi State University Parachute Club of Starkville will co-sponsor a “Sky Diving Show” at the Eupora airport just north of town on Sunday afternoon.

The event is set to get underway at 1:30. The big show is to serve two purposes, one to help raise funds for the newly organized club to buy new equipment, and second to give the people of this area a look at just what sky diving really is.

Some of the daring stunts that will be performed will be turns, rolls and other maneuvers while falling at a speed of 120 miles per hour. They will fall as far as 10,000 feet before pulling the ripcord. Some student divers will make their first jump. Make plans now to attend.

Lebanon News:

Mrs. James Lamb spent the day Friday with Mrs. Vera Latham.

Mrs. Lansing Lamb spent the day Thursday with Mrs. Vera Latham.

Mr. and Mrs. Grady Erwin spent a while Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Levi Sellars.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Schaefer spent the day Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Sellars.

Miss Gail Latham spent the day Sunday with Miss Judy Lamb.

Mrs. Bettie Fulce spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Vera Latham.

Mrs. Corda Mae Sellars spent the day Friday with Mrs. John Pearson and family.

25 Years Ago:

Sept. 21, 1988

Library’s Literacy Program Receives Materials

The Webster County Public Library is one of 16 libraries conducting literacy programs that have received supplementary reading materials through a Library Service and Construction Act.

The Mississippi Library Commission was awarded the grant to develop 21 collections of supplementary reading materials for adult literacy students. The collections were delivered to the 16 public libraries, the state penitentiary at Parchman and the Rankin Correctional Facility.

Three sets will be circulated by the Library Commission for use by library systems supporting adult literacy programs operated by other agencies as exhibits at tutor workshops or to other state institutions wanting to start literacy programs. Each of the 21 sets includes 239 high-interest, low vocabulary reading titles.

New Hope News:

Labor Day visitors with Mrs. Mary Doss were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Doss and Joy of Charleston and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Putnam of Calhoun City.

Dr. Myra Macon of Cleveland spent Saturday with her father, Mr. Howard Macon.

Mrs. Jessie Pearl Harvell of New Orleans spent a few days at her home here.

Recent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Allen were Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Allen of Eupora.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Langston visited recently with Mr. and Mrs. Ovis Doss in Jackson.

Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Gordon and family were Mrs. Sue Ann Gordon and Lisa Gordon of Vardaman.