Fall comes to Maben Market

By Jane Collins, Manager

Maben Farmers’ Market


Fall was definitely in the air Saturday as the vendors and patrons enjoyed the cool breezes of an early September morning.

The Henrys had freshly dug Vardaman sweet potatoes, baby eggplant, patty pan squash, yellow crookneck squash, yard-long green beans, bagged peanuts, ripe tomatoes, cabbage and watermelons. As I write this I am cooking some of the yard-long green beans cut into bite-sized pieces. As I prepared them for cooking I noticed that there were no strings, which is a big plus.

Shane Davis’ of the Davis Produce Market near Pheba came with some homegrown sweet corn that was not genetically altered, vine-ripened tomatoes that were grown in his protected garden, fresh okra, sweet potatoes, boiled peanuts and watermelons. Shane also carries ’MLILY Harmony pillows made from a special memory foam in a woven pattern. The previous week one of our volunteers, Pat Harpole, bought one from him and she says it has consistently given her the best night’s sleep she has had in a long time.

Danny Akers of near Maben brought his smoker again and was serving up $5 smoked pulled-pork sandwich or chicken quarter plates with a choice of two sides: beans, slaw, smoked mac and cheese or smoked corn casserole. His homemade barbecue sauce was selling fast by the pint. He also sells smoked meat by the pound: pulled pork, smoked chicken salad, whole or half racks of ribs and chicken quarters.

Rubie Harris set up at the Muscadine Festival in Mathiston, but she didn’t forget about the Maben Market. She got her sister Mary to come and sell her many flavors of jellies and jams: muscadine, pear butter, pear, cherry, strawberry, blackberry, peach and apple. She also sent apple fried pies, individual sweet potato pies, small almond cakes, a pan of brownies and a 7Up cake.

Mary Gates of Maben was back with numerous egg custard and sweet potato pies. In addition to her cha-cha and hot pepper sauce, she brought quarts of home-canned turnip greens and green beans.

Myrna Crittenden of Eupora brought a good supply of “meals in a jar” featuring her freeze-dried THRIVE products all ready to add water, cook and serve up in delicious casseroles. She sells all manner of freeze-dried vegetables and fruits that can be reconstituted to fresh produce consistency just by adding water. She also had a good supply of her silver colloidal product that works internally to boost your immune system and externally to aid healing of skin problems.

Her homemade soaps are a real luxury because they are made of all-natural ingredients. Myrna specializes in giving out “hints of the week.” This month she encourages you to check the batteries in smoke alarms, the readiness of your fire extinguisher, and to check the filters for your heating and cooling system.

The Maben Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday from 7 to 10 a.m. until the end of October. These three hours on Saturday morning are a lot of fun for everyone who comes out to see what we have to offer.

You can pick up your lunch at the Akers smoker, add a few fruits and vegetables from our farmers, enjoy a fresh dessert from our many choices, and learn about survival food and techniques for any emergencies that may come our way. For more information about the market call 263-8458 or 263-4387