Children enjoy ‘Spilt Milk’ at story hour

By Dottie Dewberry

For the WPT


It was another beautiful Friday that the Lord has made for us to enjoy, and the very young patrons of the Maben Public Library enjoyed it to the fullest Sept. 13 as they listened, painted, drew and ate during the story hour with Ms. Mary.

Beginning patrons of the story hour are not necessarily hyper; they just have not learned “sit in one place for 10 minutes.” The day’s selection was “It Looked like Spilt Milk,” which was white blobs of assorted use your imagination pictures. This group was very astute and could figure out what most of the blobs were: squirrels, ducks, birthday cake, sheep, tree, pig, bunny, ice cream cone. The

Great Horned Owl was a bit of a problem for everybody.

The next activity involved blue paper, white paint in bowls and a cotton ball. The kids took the ball and dipped it in the paint and made pictures on one side of the paper; they then folded the painted portion over onto the other side and pressed. Low and behold, using your imagination, the kids decided what their picture was and Ms. Mary recorded it on the page: “It looks like ____.”

The next activity is always my favorite: eating. Ms. Mary gave them cups of Berry Blue Jell-O, topped with Berry White Cool Whip. Talk about good, YUM! YUM!

Finally, the mommas and children all trooped outside to look for clouds, of which, there were few. Nevertheless, they enjoyed running up and down the hill.

Soon Ms. Mary had them with sidewalk chalk drawing on the sidewalk, the building, the trees and so on. LOL!! Don’t you just love kids? After a little while in Mississippi heat and humidity, the group all re-entered the building to check out books and movies. It was another fun day at the library.