Story hour features ‘Chrysanthemum’

By Dottie Dewberry

For the WPT


It was like the first-day-of-school-at-the-return-from-summer-vacation story hour at the Maben Library on Sept. 6.

Cute little girls, all dressed in bright colors, bows and twinkle toes, and little boys, all neat and trim in denim and tennis, were all glad to visit all of the stacks of books and look over the library from the upstairs windows. It was great to be back.

Soon Ms. Mary had them around her feet for about three seconds before some were up roaming around looking at all the new stuff. For those that were interested, they listened attentively to the story about a little girl mouse, whose name was Chrysanthemum, and who was teased unmercifully about her name that took up 13 letters of the alphabet. Eventually, a new music teacher came to school; her name was Delphinium. Soon the other children wanted a flower name too.

After the book, markers and a nametag was given to each child. They were to print their name with the help of mom as some children are only 1, 2, 3 or 4. Just to handle the marker was an accomplishment. Then they worked through how many letters are in each name.

The last activity was for each child to draw an outline of a flower and then glue bowtie pasta to the picture. It was another work of art for mom to hang on the refrigerator.