Student test scores rank high

From Press & Staff Reports


The Mississippi Department of Education has released the state test data for the 2012-13 assessments.

These assessments include language arts and mathematics assessments in the third through the eighth grades on the Mississippi Curriculum Tests (MCT2), science assessments in the fifth and eighth grades, and subject area tests in Algebra I, English II, Biology I and U.S. history (SATP2).

High school students must earn a passing score on each SATP2 test to be eligible for graduation. The test results represent first-time test takers. Students generally have up to three opportunities each year to earn a passing score on the SAPT2 exams during high school.

Webster County Schools have historically performed well on these statewide assessments. This year is no exception, according to Superintendent of Education Jack Treloar, who said the average district test scores are once again some of the best in the state. All district averages on these assessments were at or above the preceding year.

“I am very proud of the achievement of the students in the Webster County Schools,” Treloar said. “They continue to work hard and their hard work continues to produce excellent test scores. All of our scores are ranked high when compared to the rest of Mississippi.”

These are a few examples of how Webster County Students ranked out of the 149 school districts in the state:

• 7th-grade math scores ranked 10th in the state

• English II scores ranked eighth in the state

• 8th-grade math scores ranked fifth in the state

• 8th-grade science scores ranked third in the state

• Biology I scores ranked second in the state

These assessment results, which were released Aug. 22, will help determine performance classifications for schools and districts using the state’s accountability model. Schools will be classified from highest to lowest, A-F. The 2013 school and district performance classifications will be released Sept. 13 following Mississippi Board of Education approval of the results.

“The assessment results are the product of hard work by students and teachers across the state under more rigorous standards. While we are pleased with the overall growth in academic performance, we know that some of our schools are still struggling. We are implementing initiatives and working with districts to help students as we continue to move Mississippi to standards that will better prepare them for postsecondary education and the workforce,” said Dr. Lynn House, interim state superintendent of education.

District 2013 SATP2/MCT2 results may be viewed at, along with 2013 proficiency and above rates.