District receives good ACT marks

From Press & Staff Reports


The ACT organization has released its annual College Readiness Letter to the Webster County School District. It includes a number of reports and figures (which accompany this article) used by the district to measure a student’s college readiness and what impacts his or her performance on the ACT college admission test.

The first set of data on the letter reflects the achievement of the Webster County School District graduates on the ACT over time and an indication of the extent to which they are prepared for college-level work. The data shows a five-year trend of ACT-tested graduates from the WCSD.

While students will pursue a variety of paths after high school, all students should be prepared for college and work. Through collaborative research with postsecondary institutions nationwide, ACT has updated the following as college readiness benchmark scores for designated college courses:

• English Composition: 18 on ACT English Test

• Algebra: 22 on ACT Mathematics Test

• Social Sciences: 22 on ACT Reading Test

• Biology: 23 on ACT Science Test

ACT research has shown that it is the rigor of coursework – rather than simply the number of core courses – that has the greatest impact on ACT performance and college readiness. The next two sets of figures report the value added by increasingly rigorous coursework in mathematics and science respectively.

Students who take a minimum of Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and geometry typically achieve higher ACT mathematics scores than students who take less than three years of mathematics. In addition, students who take more advanced mathematics course substantially increase their ACT mathematics score.

Students taking biology and chemistry in combination with physics typically achieve higher ACT science scores than students taking less than three years of science courses.

Webster County Superintendent of Education Jack Treloar was pleased with the results from the letter.

“I am proud of our students, faculty and staff at Webster County School District  for their continued success and the tireless efforts they put forth to achieve these high academic goals,” he said.