MHGC calendar sale under way

By Dottie Dewberry

For the WPT


If you have ever enjoyed the beauty of the Maben Library grounds, the plantings at the four-Way stop on MS Hwy. 15 or the “Welcome to Maben” sign, then you can thank the members of the Maben Home and Garden Club for the maintenance at these locations.

The maintenance on these projects is financed and has been financed since their inception by the club’s annual fundraiser — the community birthday calendar, which sells for $5.50. This will include birthdays of your family members living within the house, anniversaries and memorials. Emancipated children with their own household can be added to the parents’ calendar by paying 75 cents per child. It might be less expensive to just purchase another calendar.

Each club member generally sells in the vicinity of her residence, so if you have not been contacted, then contact a member and they will be happy to sell you a calendar. Calendar sales will run through the month of August.

The club also maintains a dozen wooden barrel pots around the town proper with seasonal plants.

Throughout the town are numbers of trees and shrubs that have been planted by the MHGC through the past 50 years.

If you appreciate these efforts, purchase a calendar so these projects can continue.