Market offers variety of activities

By Jane Collins, Manager

Maben Farmers’ Market


On Aug. 10 a new vendor, Danny Akers, brought his full barbecue smoker to the market and prepared hickory-smoked chicken quarters and pulled pork, which he sold with baked beans and slaw for $5 a plate.

Danny came to the market last year, but this is the first time he has brought his big rig. He came back Saturday with a fresh supply of hickory-smoked meat to sell by the plate for your lunch. He sells his own special barbecue sauce to add that special touch.

Another first at the market was a book giveaway. Joyce Holt brought a truckload of new paperbacked books to give away. All she asked was that you consider giving a donation to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society.

She had lots of “customers” who carried off about half of the books she brought. She also collected a nice contribution to the charity she was supporting. She was back last week to give away a few more of her free books and collect more money for the Humane Society.

A unique feature of the market Aug. 10 was a beautiful purple and white floral arrangement that celebrated the life of Leola Mason of Noxapater, who died of a blood clot in late July. She was such a loyal vendor at our market that we wanted to remember her on the day of her memorial service in Louisville.

Many of our patrons were her regular customers who came to the market every week to purchase the special fried peach, apricot and apple pies she was famous for.

Annie Harris of Pheba came to the market for the first time this year. She brought five beautiful homemade bundt pound cakes, some with lemon flavor added, hot peppers she had grown and wonderful hot pepper sauce she had bottled in colorful jars and bottles.

Our own Rubie Harris of Maben/Mathiston was back with lovely almond cakes and a variety of apple, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry jellies and jams.

Mary Gates brought freshly made banana puddings, egg custard pies, sweet potato pies and her own recipe of canned cha-cha and preserves. She stays up almost all night before the market to produce these delicious offerings so you can trust that her products are the freshest possible.

Myrna Crittenden of Eupora brought her usual survival foods made by THRIVE and a good supply of the colloidal silver solution that is used to combat bacteria, virus or fungal infections wherever they pop up.

It is a wonder substance that can be used to purify water and to put on scratches and insect bites, so it is the perfect addition to your survival kit. In addition she brought containers of homemade powdered detergent, which is economical and environmentally safe.

Her home-canned relishes and fruit spreads are made from the freeze-dried products that she sells. They all are scrumptious and taste garden-fresh when hydrated with water, and the recipe she uses is not only unique but decidedly healthy.

On Aug. 10 she had a wonderful new supply of homemade soap in various “flavors.” Her daughter-in-law makes these special soaps and also sells darling crocheted soap holders to allow the used soap to hang dry.

The Revs. Jim and Jean Threadgill of Eupora came Aug. 10 with the remarkable Rodan & Fields skin care products. Four “flavors” of the products deal with four different skin problems: appearance of lines, enlarged pores and loss of firmness; sensitive irritated skin and facial redness; brown spots, dullness and sun damage; and acne and post-acne marks. The Threadgills are living proof that a regular regimen of the right skin care can improve your appearance and make you look healthier.

Henry Flora of Mathiston came last Aug. 10 with his grandson, Carter Flora. They worked steadily all morning selling watermelons and carrying them to customers’ vehicles. However, Robert Booth was at the market Saturday with a load of watermelons. We always seem to have a good supply of fresh melons.

Victor and Renae Maddox from Webster County near Maben returned with another load of farm-fresh eggs. Saturday they also brought their five children, who help in the egg business. The older two boys, Michael and Josh, are responsible for feeding and watering the chickens, the younger two boys, Matt and Andy, gather the eggs from the nests, and their daughter, Shiann, washes the eggs and packs them in the cartons.

What a wonderful way to get the children involved in their own part of the farm business! If any of you out there have some extra egg cartons the Maddoxes would love to have them for packing their eggs.

On Aug. 10 Shane Davis of the Davis Farm and Market, located between Pheba and Cedar Bluff, brought a good supply of homegrown tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumbers, peaches, beautiful “dinosaur egg” plums, bell peppers, onions and banana peppers.

Shane’s wife, Debbie, is an energetic, innovative cook who sent beautiful apple and peach fried pies, sweet cinnamon balls (a little like large doughnut holes), butterscotch chip cookies, chocolate-cherry cookies, canned barbecue sauce and canned dill pickles.

Shane also brought some crafts he has put together in his spare time: unique birdhouses, “REDNECK” spelled out in antler letters, a cowboy boot birdhouse topped by a cowboy hat as well as other wooden items. Visit his store on Hwy. 50 West and see for yourself these and other unique items. Last week he was back with even more choices of homemade cookies freshly baked by Debbie, better known in her neighborhood as “Momma D.”

Every week Greg’s Produce Barn sent Kay and Jim Henry with a fresh load of tomatoes, eggplant, okra, sweet corn, yellow squash, cantaloupe and watermelon. Visit them at the barn, located at 10923 Hwy. 12 W. in Longview, between Starkville and Sturgis. They are open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and welcome all comers.

This past week we had a new vendor, Sara Keys from the Una community near West Point. She brought bell peppers, canned goods and purple hull peas.

At the end of the Aug. 10 market Carter Flora drew a name out of the container for the winner of the $25 prize. The winner was Goldia Burchfield of Maben. On Saturday, Nick Lewis drew the winner, Sandy Black of near Mathiston.

You could be the winner next week. For every $5 spent at the market with one of our vendors you receive one chance to be a winner. The market is open from 7 til 10 a.m. every Saturday through October on the lot next to the Maben Post Office. For more information about the market call 263-8458 or 263-4387.