Youngsters help sell at Maben Farmers’ Market

By Jane Collins, Manager

Maben Farmers’ Market


Young people were active salesmen on Saturday morning at the Maben Farmers’ Market.

Amanda Bigham of Maben was a new vendor and brought along two attractive young ladies to help. Lila Bigham and Anna Bigham modeled the handmade aprons that their mother had sewn while they were selling quart jars of homemade dill pickles and hot pepper sauce.

Henry Flora brought his grandson Carter along to help him sell all those delicious watermelons he brings to the market. Before the morning was over they had sold almost every one! Carter learned a lot about how to be an entrepreneur.

Renae Maddox reported that her children help her a great deal with the production of her egg business. Michael and Josh are faithful to feed and water the chickens, Matt and Andy gather the eggs, and Shiann washes the eggs and packs them into the cartons. Renae had a new sign to help sell her farm-fresh eggs. It was attractive and had been drawn by her husband, Victor. The whole family gets in on this enterprise.

Our farmers were back with a wonderful selection of produce. Shane Davis and Michael Dewberry of Maben were selling a wide variety of farm products and also some crafts. Besides the luscious plums, cherry tomatoes, pink tomatoes and Big Boys, they also had cantaloupe, Asian pears, bell peppers, onions, cucumbers, peaches, banana peppers, hot cayenne peppers and sweet potatoes.

Shane brought homemade barbecue sauce, homemade kosher dill spears and chocolate chip cookies, all produced by his wife. Shane owns and operates the Davis Farm and Market located on Highway 50 between Pheba and Cedar Bluff.

In the store they also feature craft items that Shane puts together in his spare time. In the accompanying picture you will see an antler plaque that says “redneck” and a decorative wishing well. He also had birdhouses and attractive microwave popcorn pack dispensers.

Kay and Jim Henry of Longview brought lots of produce from Greg’s Produce Barn on Highway 12 five miles out of Starkville. They were selling sweet corn, pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, bell pepper, jalapeno peppers, cantaloupe, sugar baby watermelons, peaches, banana and hot peppers, and shelled butterbeans. Our farmers are expecting produce to be available through the summer. Come early for the best selection.

Rubie Harris of Maben brought lots of individual Karo pecan pies and sweet potato pies that sell for $2 each. She had made individual 7UP cakes and sour cream cakes. She also brought an assortments of jellies, jams and relish. Mary Gates was selling her full-sized $5 sweet potato and egg custard pies, canned cha-cha, relish, and blueberry and strawberry preserves.

Myrna Crittenden of Eupora returned with THRIVE survival vegetables. She was selling large cans of freeze-dried green beans and corn kernels that taste natural when dehydrated by adding water.

She had been busy canning some new goodies and had colorful jars of Red Root Relish, Mild Onions & Peppers Relish, “Honey Do” Spread, Summer Harvest Fruit Spread and Mango-Peach Fruit Spread. Yum!

She features the amazing colloidal silver, a natural product that works to kill one-cell microorganisms that cause problems for everyone. Come by her table and let her demonstrate.

She will also share her Tip of the Week. Saturday she advised everyone to be prepared by storing water and being able to purify water in case of emergencies. Water, of course, is necessary for life and health, so think about ways to have the water you need in case it gets turned off or becomes contaminated for some reason.

Jean and Jim Threadgill helped their friends know about the Rodan+Fields Dermatologists products that change skin and change lives. Read all about this product by checking out the website:

We used Lila Bigham to draw the winning name for the $25 prize. Lindsey Hankins of Eupora was our weekly winner. The market operates from 7 til 10 a.m. every Saturday through October on the lot next to the Maben Post Office. If you are interested in being a vendor or just in knowing more about the market and our vendors please call 263-8458 or 263-4387.