Products from 6 farms at market

By Jane Collins, Manager

Maben Farmers’ Market


For the first time this market season we had six vendors who brought fresh farm produce to sell.

Shane Davis was at the Maben Farmers’ Market for the second Saturday with peaches, eggplant, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, red and green tomatoes, onions, vitality sweet corn, jalapeno peppers, sweet banana peppers, homemade cookies and boiled peanuts. They also featured handcrafted birdhouses with decorative license plate roofs. Michael Dewberry of Maben helped him “mind the store.”

Henry Flora of Mathiston returned for the third Saturday selling watermelons. He had two pretty helpers: his granddaughter Peyton Flora and her friend Hallie Beth Reed.

Kay and Jim Henry returned to the market with a big load of produce from Greg’s Produce Barn. They were selling red and green tomatoes, peaches, bell pepper, yellow squash, sweet corn, pickling cucumbers and onions.

William Buckner of Maben also came with beautiful silver king corn, green beans, eggplant, tomatoes, bell pepper and butter beans, all out of his own garden near Maben. About an hour before the market closed at 10 a.m. William joined “Red” Williams in an hour of picking and singing. It was the first live music event we have had at the market this year.

The Maben Farmers’ Market sets up on the vacant lot foundation of the former Big Star grocery store still owned by Louis “Red” Williams, who graciously allows the Maben Chamber of Commerce to use it for our market. Mr. Red and William played and sang many great songs for the crowd, who loved every bit of it. It was like going to the Longview Opry on a Saturday night!

Thomas Booth of Mathiston pulled up with a truckload of ripe watermelons, and Victor and Renae Maddox were there selling farm-fresh organic eggs by the dozen. Altogether, six “farmers” had special homegrown products.

Two vendors brought fresh-baked pies and cakes. Rubie Harris brought individual sweet potato pies and small 7UP cakes. She also had canned hot peppers in vinegar, apple jelly and strawberry jam. Mary Gates brought full-sized egg custard pies and sweet potato pies along with some home-canned hot pickled peppers and cha-cha.

Carrie Hickson returned with a variety of her hand-poured scented Moda Candles. She also makes attractive coasters with hand-painted one-letter initials on them. She will take orders for her products, which can be seen on Facebook.

Joy Dodd of Maben won the $25 drawing last week. The Maben Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday from 7 til 10 a.m. on the lot next to the Maben Post Office. If you are interested in being a vendor or just coming as a shopper you can call 263-8458 or 263-4387 for more information.