Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: July 28, 1938

‘Pre-eminent Desire’ Lands a Bass

It happened at Savannah Lake on Monday afternoon while Peyton Dunning and “Preacher” Guinn were fishing. Both good fishermen, they were not having much luck and had about decided to call it a day when something sluggish struck the Rev. Guinn’s line.

It was a big fish, heavy against the reel. It struck toward the boat, the line went across a log and fish broke between the log and the boat. Nice way to lose a fish, and the preacher half-heartedly tightened the line, expecting the big one on the surface of the lake was “in the clear” — and somehow, by some miracle, Guinn landed the bass by hauling it across the log. It weighed a full 5 pounds on Eupora scales.

“Did you pray, “Preacher?” asked a friend. “Well,” said the reverend, “if pre-eminent desire is prayer, I guess I was praying pretty hard.” Peyton Dunning, who later landed a small 3½ -pounder, claims the preacher’s fish had malaria.

Gum Springs News:

Mrs. Sallie Wells visited relatives at Walthall from Wednesday until Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bilbo Wright and children spent the weekend with their parents at Fame.

Miss Bobby Strickland spent Saturday night with Bonnie Vaughan.

Mrs. Ollie Jennings of Greenwood spent the weekend with Mrs. Willie Strickland.

Mr. and Mrs. Lum Vaughan and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bedford Trull.

Mrs. Katherine Wright visited Mrs. Mag Love Wednesday afternoon.

Misses Lynda Wilson and Dixie Peeples were guests of Miss Icy Bell Saturday night.

Wayne and Gale Kemp spent Saturday with Hugh Curry Cooper.

Earl Dill spent Saturday with Thomas Elkins.

Bonnie and Billie C. Vaughan visited Mrs. P.W. Bell Monday evening.

50 Years Ago: July 25, 1963

Sunset News:

Mr. Billie Baker and family visited Sunday afternoon and all were Sunday night supper guests with his mother, Mrs. I.L. Baker.

Mrs. James Allen Burton and family from the delta spent Tuesday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tom Hodges here.

William Lee Bagwell returned home Monday night from a pleasant visit with Butch Crenshaw in Oklahoma.

Mrs. Louise Graves visited Sunday with her brother, Mr. Hollis Bagwell and family.

Misses Sue and Dianne Bright exchanged many visits between themselves during the summer vacation.

Miss Dianne Bright spent Monday night with her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eugene Shaw.

Mr. Robert Medders Jr. and family from Florida are enjoying his vacation with his mother, Mrs. Hattie Medders and other relatives here.

Hebron News:

Mr. and Mrs. Oren Swindle spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Rexal Swindle.

Debbie Stephens spent several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. James England and children at Kosciusko.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller and family spent Thursday night and Friday with Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Miller.

Herman Allen and Wade Swindle are at home after spending several weeks with relatives in Missouri.

Mr. and Mrs. Billie Joe Stephens are visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stephens.

Mrs. Hollis Bagwell and Larry spent a short time with Mrs. Walter Stephens Saturday morning.

25 Years Ago: July 27, 1988

Center News:

Mrs. Albert Sims visited her mother, Mrs. Georgie Huffman, Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Blalock visited in Memphis over the weekend. They took their little granddaughter, Summer Pepper, home.

Bobbie Mann has returned home after a vacation in Florida.

Billy Blalock and Shellie Box visited his mother, Mrs. Fannie Blalock.

Joey McCain visited his grandmother on Saturday and took her to town. Mrs. Fannie Blalock visited with Mrs. Taffie Griffin on Saturday.

New Hope News:

Mrs. Christine Northrup of Calhoun City visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Skelton.

Mr. Ray Woodlock and Tiffany of Jackson spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Macon and Mr. Howard Macon.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Allen of Eupora visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Allen on Sunday.

Mrs. Jewell Gregg and Mrs. Sylvia Fulgham and Benji visited Mr. and Mrs. Gradis Sprayberry on the Bradford Chapel community.

Mr. Mitchell Gordon of Atlanta and Miss Lesa Gayle Gordon of Vardaman visited Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Gordon on Sunday.

Mrs. Geraldine Knight spent last week with her son, Charley Knight and family at Picayune.