Miller faces 10 counts in Webster County

By Reggie Ross

Emmerich Newspapers


A Winona man facing sexual-related charges  in Montgomery and Carroll County is also charged with 10 counts in Webster County.

According to Webster County Sheriff Tim Mitchell, Christopher Miller of 482 Highway 407 is being charged with two counts of sexual battery and eight counts of touching of a child for lustful purposes.

Mitchell said Webster County worked alongside Montgomery and Carroll counties in a joint investigation.

Miller, 39, is being held on a $550,000 bond at the Carroll-Montgomery Regional Correctional Facility in Vaiden.

“It doesn’t appear he’ll be moved, so we’ll get our stuff together and present it to a grand jury,” Mitchell said.

In Montgomery County, Miller is facing four counts of sexual battery, seven counts of touching of a child for lustful purposes and six counts of possession of sexual material.  Montgomery County Sheriff Bubba Nix said evidence such as computers and hard drives was collected from Miller’s home and taken to the attorney general’s Cyber Crime Unit to be examined.

As for Carroll County, Miller is being charged with three counts of sexual battery and two counts of touching of a child for lustful purposes.

Carroll County Sheriff’s Deputy Rob Banks said last week that cases against Miller date back as far as 2003. Mitchell said Miller is alleged to have committed the offenses for which he is charged in Webster County beginning in January.

Miller appeared in Montgomery County Justice Court last week and was appointed Grenada attorney Leon Johnson to represent him.

Charges against Miller stemmed from an investigation by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department and departments in Webster and Carroll counties.

According to Nix, Miller was brought in for questioning on July 9.