Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

July 21, 1938

Ditty-Wa-Ditty News:

Mrs. Ollie Roberts is spending this week with relatives in Greenwood.

Mrs. Claude Hood visited Mrs. Earl Shaffer on Sunday.

Mr. Elzie Little and Mr. Harry McDonald of Memphis visited Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Shaffer on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson of Ticky Bend Community spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Shaffer.

Mrs. Annie McKee and brother, Mr. W.M. Sheffield visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pervis Shaffer Saturday night.

Little Evelyn Quinn is spending this week with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hood and children and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shaffer spent awhile Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Pervis Shaffer.

Salt Creek News:

Miss Maxine Lamb returned home Sunday after spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. Era Pogue.

Misses Mary Van and Amy Dean Cook were Monday evening visitors of Misses Mary Lee and Mildred Hodges of Shady Grove.

Mrs. Viva Dodd and little daughter, Joan, spent Sunday with their parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Wilson.

Mrs. Stella Johnson and little son, Arthur Donald, were Monday evening visitors of Mrs. Era Pogue.

Mrs. J.T. Cooper has as her guest her grandmother, “Granny” White.

Mr. and Mrs. Meek Graves and children and Mrs. John McCain of Ackerman spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hemphill and children.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Graves and baby were Sunday evening visitors in the home of their brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Noel Pogue.

50 Years Ago:

July 18, 1963

Floods Cause High Damage

One of the worst floods to hit Webster County in many years has left damage estimated in the thousands of dollars. The rains began to fall in Webster County about 9 p.m. Saturday night and filled creeks and bottom lands that night. Sunday morning more rain fell, but the worst came early Tuesday morning when water rose to the level on 82 and 9 highways in many places and crossed several.

Probably the worst hit was Tomnolen where the water rose to heights never before seen. Several houses had to be evacuated when the flood waters began rising fast and came up above the floor level. One house in Tomnolen had about one foot of water all over the living room floor. Traffic was stopped for a while at Tomnolen when the water rose about two feet over 82 highway at one point. Several places had two or three inches crossing the road.

The sea of water reached from about one mile east of Tomnolen to about one mile west. All the houses in this area that were near the highway were damaged by the rampaging waters. In Eupora, water crossed 9 highway, both north and south of town. South of Eupora, water rose to the threshold of Berry Chiropractic Clinic, higher than it ever has before. Driveways were reported as to have washed away and several streets were blocked when cars stalled when the streets became flooded.

25 Years Ago:

July 20, 1988

Lollar’s Grove News:

Mr. Carl Ray visited Mrs. Louis Sims a while Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Erma Montroy and Mrs. Kathy Fox visited the Louis Sims family Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Ada Stewart and Mrs. Leona Blansett of West Point were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sims on Monday.

Mr. Archie Clark visited Mr. Louis Sims on Saturday.

Mrs. Lucille Harper of near Ackerman, Mrs. Lola Mae harper and Mrs. Daisy Wofford of Starkville visited Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sims and son, Thomas, on Thursday afternoon.

Gum Springs News:

Mr. Donnie Card spent the weekend with relatives in Greenville.

Relatives from Chicago are visiting in the Jeff Williams home.

Mrs. Paula Jines and Stacey of Jackson were recent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cooper.

Donelle and Shana of Starkville, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert May and daughters of Oxford were visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Gerstle Card and Donnie.

Mr. and Mrs. Bedford visited Mrs. Marie Vaughan on Friday.

David Kilgore was a recent visitor with his grandmother in West Point.