Farmers’ Market draws new vendors

By Jane Collins, Manager

Maben Farmers’ Market


The Maben Farmers’ Market enjoyed almost perfect weather Saturday morning, which brought out many shoppers and new vendors.

We even had two vendors who were representing charities. Brett Bailey, of the Cumberland community near Maben, came in his Boy Scout uniform to the market with his dad, Charles Bailey, to alert people to the needs of a new organization, Forever Outdoors.

This organization was started by Rob Robinson and Gillan Alexander who were featured in the June 27 Webster Progress-Times article about Rob’s donation of a kidney to Gillan. Brett got involved when he asked how he could help the cause as a way to work on his Eagle Scout designation.

He was selling raffle tickets on a .270 rifle for $5 apiece to help Forever Outdoors raise money to fund a deer hunt in Kansas for the Wounded Warriors organization. Brett is a member of Troop 45 in Starkville and his dad is on the Scout Committee. They will be back at the market this week and hope to sell many more chances on the rifle. Please come out and help with this worthy project.

Kenea and Victor Maddox, also from the Cumberland community, brought colorful fresh eggs to sell, and they also brought a big brown rabbit. They sold all the eggs they brought, but took the rabbit back home. Their five children will more than likely be pleased that the rabbit didn’t sell. However, the Maddoxes promised to come back this week with more fresh eggs, and will probably bring the rabbit back also.

Another new vendor last week was Mary Gates of Maben. She is famous around these parts for her delicious egg custard pies and her sweet potato pies. In addition, she brought home-canned cha-cha and muscadine jelly. We all hope she is able to come back this week with more of the same.

Across the way from Mary was her friend Rubie Harris of Maben/Mathiston, who brought miniature pecan and apple pies that sold for $2 each. They were old-fashioned GOOD eating; I know because I bought some for us to enjoy this week. She also had a variety of jellies and jams including red plum, apple, blueberry, strawberry and blackberry.

Myrna Crittendon of Eupora was set up next to Rubie. She featured many of her THRIVE survival ideas such as the freeze-dried food products and a new “Preparedness Tip of the Week.” She advises that an emergency home fire escape plan should be in place with at least two escape routes from each room.

She also brought some homemade relishes to sample and to sell. Nan’s Corn Relish is perfect to add zest to beans, peas and even pork or chicken roast. Ruby Red Relish, made from red cabbage, beets, onions, red bell peppers, sugar and vinegar, is best with peas and cornbread, but is also great as a party snack on top of cream cheese with your favorite crackers. The most unique relish is the “Hot Time ‘n Dixie Relish,” which is hot with peppers but tastes great with fried catfish.

The product that I purchased last week was an 8-ounce bottle of Colloidal Silver solution that will provide additional non-prescription immunity support and can be used topically for minor scrapes, cuts or abrasions. It is a great product to keep in your medicine cabinet and your emergency survival kit.

Of course, Leola Mason of Noxapater was there again with her wonderful fried fruit pies, and her magnificent three-layer cakes, along with some smaller cakes and some full sized pies.

She always has a huge crowd around her, especially early during the market, because folks are there to purchase the fried pies they ordered the week before. A couple from Starkville made a special order by phone, and that order for 10 apple and 10 peach fried pies was waiting when they arrived at the market mid-morning.

Greg’s Produce Barn was there as usual with a large supply of sweet corn, cantaloupes, cucumbers, green and red tomatoes, yellow squash, watermelons, shelled pink-eye purple hull peas and butter beans. You can visit Greg’s Produce Barn in Longview near the Opry House about 5 miles from Walmart out Highway 12 toward Sturgis.

Thomas Booth was there with another truckload of watermelons and about a dozen packages of fresh picked blueberries. His brother Glen showed up and bought four of the watermelons.

That gave him several chances to win the cash prize of $25, which is given away at the end of each market. Guess what? He did win and took home the cash in addition to the four watermelons.

A final, fun group from Maben that was from Church of God of Prophecy promoting the Vacation Bible School program they have been having this week at the church in Maben. The final program is from 6:30-9 tonight.

Louise Grimsley brought with her Deann and Carly Holland and Keenan Calvert, who was in costume as a big, brown hound dog with floppy ears. They served free lemonade and just wanted to invite as many children as possible to come join in the fun in “God’s Backyard Bible Camp.”

For questions about the market or vendors call 263-8458 or 263-4387.