Overcast at Maben Farmers’ Market

By Jane Collins, Manager

Maben Farmers’ Market


The weather looked threatening as the Maben Farmers’ Market opened at 7 a.m. Saturday, and although the clouds moved in, the rain held off and then completely went away by afternoon. Both vendors and customers enjoyed a cool breeze and shady shopping as the morning progressed.

Leola Mason of Noxapater brought her usual fare and was almost stampeded for the first hour as regular customers arrived to pick up their orders for fried pies. She also sold her caramel iced three-layer cake, her beautiful three-layer red velvet cake with sour cream icing, her sweet potato pie and her pecan pie. Another treat was the dozen sausage-biscuits she brought to sell the early shoppers.

Robert Booth of Mathiston came with a load of watermelons and cantaloupes. He was a little late because he had to go get them from his supplier, but he sold them steadily through the morning.

Myrna Crittenden of Eupora brought her usual supply of THRIVE survival fruits and vegetables, but she also had blackberry and raspberry jams that are made with a special pectin-type product that requires about half the sugar normally used in making jams.

THRIVE brand products are demonstrated on the website Thrive-together.thrivelife.com. You can find cooking lessons there using THRIVE freeze-dried products. She also brought a new “Preparedness tip of the week”: She advises stocking up on paper supplies when they are on sale — paper plates, bowls, drink cups (cold and hot), paper towels, napkins and plastic ware. Keep these supplies stashed away for emergencies.

Carrie Hickson of Mathiston was there with her pretty Moda Candles in many scents and colors. She can be found at Moda Candles on Facebook. She sells candles in a jar, bath salts, scent pot wax and gift baskets. Go online and check out her many hand-poured candle styles.

Rubie Harris brought blueberries and jellies and jams. She had jelly jars of blueberry and apple jellies.

Finally, Greg’s Produce Barn of Longview brought a wonderful array of fruits and vegetables. Kay and Jim Henry sold all their sweet corn, field corn, large cabbages, watermelons, cantaloupes, onions, okra, green tomatoes and squash.

They almost sold out of potatoes, eggplant, peaches and red tomatoes, but they had brought so many that they still had a few by the end of market time. They say they have doubled their load of produce several times since the market began, and plan to come back with even more as the new crops come in. They hope green beans will be available soon.

At 10 a.m. the drawing was made for the winner of the $25 prize, and Faye Jones of Mathiston won. Her check will be sent out by mail this week.

The Maben Farmers’ Market is open from 7 til 10 a.m. every Saturday on the lot next to the Maben Post Office. If you are interested in coming to shop or being a vendor you can get more information by calling 263-8458 or 263-4387.