Maben hangs flags early for July 4

By Terry Harpole

For the WPT


When people drive through the town of Maben on Highway 15, they will quickly have the feeling the people of Maben and the area are patriotic and respect the flag.

Thanks to Maben Home and Garden Club members, with the cooperation of town officials, the flags were hung on utility poles alongside Highway 15 early Monday morning, July 1.

The Maben Home and Garden Club started the flag project a few years ago with the help of Dottie Dewberry, a member whose brother, from Columbus, donated the flags that are hung every holiday of the year.

In addition to the flag project and many other projects, the club has large floral containers placed in front of business places. Most of the business owners water the containers of flowers, but the Garden Club ladies take turns and have specific containers they water and keep weeded.

These flower containers and flags hanging on the utility poles give many people a good feeling in driving through the town of Maben.