Library hosting outdoor writer Kinton

From Press Reports


Outdoor writer Tony Kinton will be guest speaker at Monday’s regular monthly meeting of Friends of the Webster County Public Library.

The program begins at 11:30 a.m., followed by a light lunch for a nominal cost. Kinton will also be signing copies of his latest novel, “Uncertain Horizons.”

“Uncertain Horizons” is the second installment of the Wagon Road Trilogy. In the first, “Summer Lightning Distant Thunder,” Jackson Bain rejects his father’s wishes and abandons Bain Enterprises in favor of exploring the frontier of present-day Kentucky.

It is on this journey that he meets Anna Walker, experiences wonderment that only a new land can provide, and faces a life-and-death situation. He also receives news of a family tragedy back in Boston. As a result of these, Jackson Bain is changed forever.

In “Uncertain Horizons,” the reader follows Jackson on his second frontier journey and his efforts at reconciliation with Anna. He is alarmed to find Anna making plans to marry Rev. Liam Sullivan. Jackson leaves for Boston again, dejected and searching for any meaning that would make life worth living. Will he find that meaning? Will Anna follow through with her marriage to Rev. Sullivan? This book answers these and other questions.

Kinton is a native Mississippian, where he grew up on a small farm. At an early age Kinton developed a love for words, this likely triggered by his mother’s appetite for the same. She was an avid reader and passed this along to her son. He read whatever he could find to read, but his interest leaned toward outdoor magazines.

Upon completing high school, Kinton left for college. This progression led him away from the farm and eventually to New Orleans and graduate school. While the years were rewarding, he never fully turned loose of his country upbringing.

After working years and acquiring graduate degrees in music, English and literature, he was able to return home – to his preferred Mississippi countryside. He retired from teaching at East Central Community College in 2008.

Throughout that career of teaching, Kinton was also active in outdoor writing. After selling his first article in 1976, he spent as much time as possible in the magazine business. To date he has published more than 2,000 articles in state, regional, national and international magazines. Kinton is also the author of four books in the outdoor field.