Jail Docket

June 24

Justin Eaton, DOB 04-21-89, WM; SO2: touching a child for lustful purposes and sexual battery.

June 25

Bobby Eubanks, DOB 08-08-82, WM; S09: simple assault-domestic violence.

Rodney Kelly, DOB 05-09-62, WM; MDOC 458: probation violation.

Carla Gant, DOB 06-28-74, WF; G33: DUI-1st, speeding 79/65 and possession of alcohol in a dry county.

David S. Fason, DOB 08-18-72, WM; Eupora 3: disorderly conduct and failure to obey an officer.

June 28

Janette Rister, DOB 11-29-71, WF; SO9: sale of a controlled substance-MDOC hold.

William Gilbert, DOB 08-03-71, WM; SO7: touching a child for lustful purposes-MDOC hold.

Larry Hancock, DOB 03-01-78, WM; SO1: disorderly conduct.

June 29

Joshua L. Lee, DOB 06-15-90, WM; Mathiston 2: disturbing family peace and trespassing.

Patty Brownlee, DOB 04-11-65, BM; SO12: violation of probation.

These arrests were obtained from the public docket at the Webster County Jail. An arrest does not mean the accused is guilty. U.S. citizens are presumed innocent until they are proved guilty in court.