Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

June 30, 1938

Dirt Truck Does a Bob Ripley

The following story is told by Justice of the Peace Maurice Herring: “James Edwin Murrah of the Clarkson community, who drives a dirt truck for Froemming Brothers, went in for a space in Ripley’s column Saturday. Driving at the speed of approximately 55 miles per hour, he suddenly realized that he had lost control of his truck, and then joined the bird gang.

“After rolling over a number of times and then feeling to see if his neck was broken and so forth, he saw that his truck had gone down a 10-foot embankment and through a bar pit where water came up to the floorboard, after which it staggered on through a cotton field and hid behind some bushes none the worse for the experience it had undergone.

“Murrah then drove the truck on to the place where he had started. He had lost only one-half yard of dirt.”

Frying-Size Chicken Laying Unusual Eggs

A little black frying size hen on the J.R. Phillips place just south of Eupora has broken some sort of record.

She is four months old and started to work recently without the sanction of the Child Labor Bureau by laying two half-size eggs in one day and a third on the following day. The little hen is a member of the flock tended by Mrs. Verna Allday.

50 Years Ago:

June 27, 1963

Lebanon News:

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Allen Earley and children spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Levi Sellars.

Mr. Cliff Latham and Debbie and Merlyn Latham were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Latham and Lynette.

Mr. and Mrs. Files were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Pearson and Ida Marie.

Mr. and Mrs. James Lamb spent a while Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Maston Latham.

Mrs. Vera Latham and Gail spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Era Johnson and children.

Mrs. Ronnie White and children spent Tuesday with Mrs. Ora Bell Latham.

West Shady Grove News:

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Farley and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. Summer Latham and family at Mathiston.

Mr. and Mrs. Belma Peeples were Sunday visitors with relatives in the community.

Mr. and Mrs. Bunyan Putnam enjoyed having their son, Victor and family from Mobile spend last week with them.

Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey and George Fox were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Atkins in Eupora.

Wanda Latham of Mathiston spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Jim Farley.

Mrs. J.V. Bailey spent the weekend in Memphis with her daughter, Lavinia and family.

25 Years Ago:

June 29, 1988

Eupora to Celebrate 100th Birthday

The executive committee for Eupora’s “Centennial Celebration,” scheduled to begin early in 1989, has been selected, according to Committee Chairman Kathy Bailey.

Members of the committee for the 100th birthday of the city include John Fortner, Earlie Dumas, Bill Culpepper, Bonita Martin, Jen Graham, Ted Wilson, Sandra Dewberry, Cynthia Wilson, Ann Sneed and Carolyn Jackson. Most of the events will begin Feb. 27, the actual birthday of Eupora.

Some of the activities tentatively scheduled are a Fourth of July celebration, an arts and crafts show, a beard-growing contest, and a “then-and-now” display, which would demonstrate the history of Eupora.

“There is a possibility of having a school reunion,” Bailey said, “that would be open to anyone who ever attended a Eupora school.” She added, “We want the whole community to be involved in this.”

Mt. Zion News:

The Billy Smith family and Bro. and Mrs. Vance visited the B. Files family on Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Vaughan and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Billy Taylor and children visited in the William Taylor home over the weekend.

Mrs. Robin Hunter went to Maryland on Tuesday.

Rachel Davis visited Jeannie Watson on Wednesday.

Janet Taylor spent Wednesday with Ilene Taylor.

Mrs. Guy Sibley visited in West Point this week.