Fresh produce at Maben Farmers’ Market

By Jane Collins, Manager

Maben Farmers’ Market


Saturday was a big day in Maben for more than one reason. The Farmers’ Market enjoyed a record day for sale of produce, and after the market crowds of folks were in town to celebrate Johnthan Banks Day in the park

Excitement was everywhere as the parade of antique cars led by the city fire truck escorted Johnthan to the place of honor in the pavilion in the park.

Speakers were there from MSU, East Webster High School, the 4-H Club and the town of Maben to say wonderful things about Johnthan, and then the honoree himself spoke eloquently of his love for his hometown, family and neighbors. Afterward the crowd was treated to free barbecue, which the mayor, Larry Pruitt, had stayed up all night to prepare on a giant grill.

But the day began early across the street from the city park, where nine vendors set up for the Farmers’ Market.

New to the market was Keith Yeatman of Maben, who brought watermelons selling for $3 apiece. What a bargain! Also new to the market was Otis Baldwin of Ackerman. He said that our mayor had invited him to come sell sweet potatoes at the market, and he was the first vendor to set up on Saturday morning.

Returning to the market were Kay and Jim Henry of Starkville, who brought peaches, cantaloupes, tomatoes, fresh ears of corn, potatoes and more from Greg’s Produce Barn. They completely sold out of everything they brought and plan to come back with even more fresh produce.

Another new vendor was Jeanette Butler from Mantee. She and her daughter-in-law, Christy, set up in the cool shade with handcrafted pottery, embroidered pieces framed in the hoops for hanging on the wall, hand-sewn or thickly crocheted hot pan holders, and various pieces of interesting antiques and handcrafted picture frames.

Vanessa Fulgham and her little sister, Emily, set up right in front of the lot and completely sold out of her famous fried pork skins. Emily was selling lemonade by the cup for 50 cents, and she enjoyed serving all who came by their booth. Emily is the youngest entrepreneur we have had this year. She will be starting school next year!

Myrna Crittenden of Eupora shared some new products last week. Her main business features THRIVE survival products, but she has many other ideas to help her clients be prepared for emergencies. In fact, she featured the first of many “preparedness tips of the week.”

Saturday she suggested that everyone check their home first aid kit. Make sure it is complete with various sizes of adhesive bandages, antibiotic cream, anti-itch cream, various sizes of gauze pads and at least three days of all medications for each member of the family. Include scissors, and paper tape and throwaway temperature strips. Include pain relievers like aspirin, ibuprofen and Tylenol.

She was also introducing a new product to the market called “colloidal silver” from MY OWN Health Resources. This liquid “can provide people with additional, non-prescriptive immunity armor to protect us” from disease-causing organisms like bacteria, virus and fungus.

Myrna was providing handouts on this product to help customers discover this amazing curative for many health needs. Come by this week to discover what her new tip of the week will be.

Leola Mason of Noxapater Catering was on hand with her now-famous fried pies. She also brought three-layer cakes, beautiful meringue caramel and chocolate pies, a pecan pie, a sweet potato pie, and various small iced and friendship cakes.

She absolutely sold out of everything by the end of the market. She even sold the fried pies she had reserved for a regular customer, a faithful MSU fan who was in Omaha, Neb., for the College World Series.

Jean and Jim Threadgill returned to the market with their Rodan & Fields Dermatological products that are designed to renew and revitalize skin, removing wrinkles and leaving skin soft and smooth, no matter how damaged or aged it is. Pretty remarkable.

David Vance from Houston was at the market for the first hour with watermelons, cantaloupe and peaches.

If you want tomatoes, peaches or fried pies we suggest you get out early and come to the market while the supply is fresh. The more you buy the more chances you will have to win the $25 cash prize. Last week’s drawing winner was Willette Stidham of Mathiston, who was to receive her check in the mail.

For more information about the market call 263-8458 or 263-4387.