‘Diary of a Worm’ concludes Maben SRP

From the Maben

Public Library


The grand finale of the Summer Reading Program ended June 25 at the Maben Public Library with worms as the topic. The theme statewide for the library system was “Dig Into Reading.”

The morning program leader was Dottie Dewberry, retired teacher, who presented a variety of teaching methods for the children’s entertainment and knowledge.

The program began with the reading of the book selection of the day: “Diary of a Worm.” Throughout the book, the group stopped to do a wiggle worm race, play the Worm and Heart game, and do the Hokeypokey Dance. After the reading of the book, the children were all issued a booklet with puzzles, word searches, poems and fact sheets about worms, which all came complete with pencil.

Ms. Dewberry then directed their attention to the 12-foot poster on the wall and went through the body parts of the worm. Then she reviewed these parts from the eight posters that were hanging in the windows. At the end of the program, an oral test was given; amazingly enough, they managed to come up with all the parts.

Finally, they got to eat some worm food, which they all thought was gross. Actually, it was apples slices and banana sections that were going to go into the worm farm that each child got to make. While they were eating worm food, Ms. Dottie asked them worm jokes, which the parents probably enjoyed more, as these were play on word jokes.

After learning the various parts of the worm, the group divided up into smaller groups that went to the different stations: Spaghetti Art, Stocking Worms and Worm Farms. With the able-bodied assistance of parents and visitors, the children managed to wade through the organized chaos and come out with worm farms, stocking worms and worm art pictures before they moved to the refreshment table.

At the food table, each child got cookies, green frosting and gummy worms complete with the Hugs drink of their choice. Then each child received a handful of candy for the road. YUM!

Before they left, Ms. Mary did the drawing for registration prize: Jartavias Guyton and Avery Hazzard. The prize for Most Books Read went to Jacob Woodard and Benjamin Forrester. The winner of the worm race was Jimmerion Elliot.

This was a grand ending for the Summer Reading Program that averaged about 25 kids per week. Children that ranged in ages 4-12 came from Maben, Mathiston, Mantee, Ackerman, Eupora and Sturgis.

The children were encouraged to check out books throughout the summer. The parents were reminded that the Friday morning story hour would resume after Labor Day in September.


 These children attended the grand finale of the Summer Reading Program at the Maben Public Library

These children attended the grand finale of the Summer Reading Program at the Maben Public Library