Children learn about archaeology

By Librarian Fran Smith

Webster County Public Library


DIG!  DIG!  DIG!  June 18 was a day of digging at the Webster County Public Library as Mandy Salley and Heather Harper led 31 children in learning about  archaeologists during the Summer Reading Program.

They showed pictures of archaeological digs then let the children pretend to be archaeologists by digging into chocolate chip cookies. The children used toothpicks and paint brushes as their tools and tried to get the artifacts (chocolate chips and M &M’s) out of the cookies.

After Mandy explained the different levels of earth one must dig through to find old things, the children filled jars with dirt and bird seed to represent the levels of earth.

Since digging is so messy, everyone ventured outside for the last activity.  The children, working in groups, searched in pans of dirt for pieces of clay pots that had to be put back together in the original shape.

The children left with a bag of activities and a snack.


The children dig for “artifacts” from chocolate chip cookies.