Webster County Grand jury issues report

Grand jurors empaneled Monday on the opening day of Webster County Circuit Court have submitted a report of their investigations.

The grand jury investigated no reported violations of law and questioned no witnesses, resulting in no true bills, according to the report. The grand jurors reported these findings from their inspections of county buildings:

Webster County

Health Department

“There are water-damaged ceiling tiles and light fixtures throughout building that need to be repaired. There are missing floor tiles in the reception area that need to be replaced. There is loose countertop trim. The roof leaks in the medical exam room and the clerical office. The exit sign does not work. The interior needs to be repainted. There is mold throughout the building. Fire alarm at main desk has been taped over and needs to be tested.

“Medical exam room needs hot water. Hot water takes over two minutes to reach exam room. All cabinets and counters were not properly installed and are falling off of walls. Broken windows in foyer/entry need to be repaired. Exterior drainage problem needs immediate attention. The drainage problem has made it a safety hazard. Annie Patterson in DHS office has water leaks around window.”

Webster County

Office Building

“The Exit lights at both exits do not work. Ceiling tiles and floor tiles in multiple offices need to be repaired or replaced. Light covers and switches are needed in several offices and a blank cover is needed over old electrical outlets.

“Outlet in kitchen floor is loose and needs repair. The air vent in the clerk’s office needs to be reworked, rerun or hidden. Ceiling tiles need to be replaced over clerk’s desk. There is no hot water in restrooms.

“Loose carpet in hallway of courtroom needs to be repaired. Water leak in office. Cables in floor are a danger. Fire extinguishers need to be checked. Justice Court office needs a fire extinguisher. Parole officer’s office and Judge Ellison’s office wires need to be addressed. Jude Ellison’s office has a broken outlet that needs repair. Judge Jones’ office has wires lying in the floor. Constable Murphy’s office ceiling is falling down.”

Webster County Jail

“We find the jail sufficient for the safekeeping of a limited number of prisoners. The light is not working in the foyer, the deputies’ office and the kitchen. The hallway light to the women’s cell is not working.”