Maben Farmers’ Market growing

By Jane Collins, Manager

Maben Farmers’ Market


Saturday at the Maben Farmers’ Market the weather was perfect and the atmosphere was friendly.

A brand-new vender, Rubie Harris of Mathiston, sold cupcakes, pound cakes and homemade jellies. She promised to come back with even more baked and canned goods. She saw that fried fruit pies were popular, so she will try to bring some of those this week.

Ted Cole of Mantee came for the first time this year with a new batch of beautifully crafted wooden items for sale. His garden baskets come in two styles: wire bottomed or finished wooden slats, both of which would hold fresh flowers or produce while allowing loose dirt to fall through the cracks before it comes into the house.

He also featured colorful birdhouses, small, carved paperweights and wooden bowls among other items. Ted has started making custom cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms. He displayed a photo album of some of his handsome handiwork.

Other venders included Vanessa Fulgham of Mathiston, who sold out of her delicious fresh pork skins. Vanessa has graduated from high school and plans to attend culinary school in Greenwood next year.

Leola Mason of Noxapater brought fresh fried fruit pies, caramel, pecan and sweet potato pies, and red velvet, apple and caramel cakes. Both of these venders are veterans of the Maben Farmers’ Market and always bring the crowds to their tables.

Shirley Douglas White of Douglastown Road near Maben is the winner of the $25 drawing. She purchased a caramel meringue pie from Mrs. Mason. For every $5 spent at the market a patron gets a chance to win cash in the weekly drawing at the end of each market.

Hopefully our local farmers will begin to have some produce soon to bring to the market. The weather has been so cold and wet that the crops are slow maturing. All venders are welcome.

We offer fresh fruits and vegetables in season, homemade canned and baked goods, handmade crafts and good-quality flea market items. We have had a slow start this year, but expect to have more available to buy soon. Call 263-8458 or 263-4387 for more information about how to participate.

Cole offers attractive garden baskets and other wooden items.

Harris displays her beautiful pound cake.