Mathiston MayFest draws large crowd

By Terry Harpole

For the WPT


A large crowd came out and enjoyed all the activities at the city park in Mathiston on Saturday. That day was the annual Day in the Park, known as MayFest this year.

This program had been long in the planning stages. Lisa South, Tracey Breland and many other members of the Civic League of Mathiston had worked on and planned the program, which was to be May 4. However, heavy rains occurred the night before and the entire park was under water.

The people working with the program began planning again and getting word to people of the rescheduled event. Even though it rained Friday night and some water was in places, a large crowd came out Saturday. Activities were available for people of all ages.

This year, plans were for as many Wood College alumni as possible to attend, with hopes that many classes would be there, get together and visit. It is not known now how many Wood graduates were there.

More than 40 vendors were present, selling anything from jewelry, monogrammed caps, all kinds of foods, including barbecue, and many games for the children. Musical groups also provided entertainment, with lots of good music.

MayFest in the Park in Mathiston was a huge success, and all those working with it and putting it on now look forward to another one next year.