NMMC-Eupora celebrates National EMS Week in May

By Todd Shettles

National EMS Week will be celebrated May 19-25. All over the nation,
the individuals of EMS will be recognized for the job they do every day.

Some individuals who lost their lives in the line of duty will be
remembered. There will also be educational sessions to inform the
public of what EMS does.

EMS is a group of individuals that include EMTs, paramedics,
emergency physicians, emergency nurses and EMRs. These individuals
spend countless hours of continuing education each year to provide
the latest and best medical treatment to patients.

Many of these individuals are volunteers whom are not paid for the
service of providing care to victims until the ambulance arrives. EMS
is a team with each individual working together doing their part to
give the patient the best chance of survival.

Why you ask would anyone desire to be a part of the EMS team? The
best part of being in EMS is knowing you helped someone in their
darkest hour and in the end sometimes you get to see a good outcome.
Just knowing you helped to make a difference is worth it all.

Caring for the sick and injured is not for everyone but for these
unique individuals it is what makes them EMS members. No matter how
bad it is, how hard or difficult it may be, Anytime, Anywhere, We’ll
Be There. So if you have the opportunity during this week, take the
time to thank someone on your EMS team for the sacrifices they give
to be ready to respond at your darkest hour.

Webster County EMS Team
Off Line EMS Medical Director: Dr. David Booth
EMS Director: Todd Shettles
Ambulance Service
Tom Booth
Corrie Bennett
Duke Carter Michael Gilliland
Scott Dean Madison Guyton
Bill Forster
Marci Gastineau
Corey McCain Terry McCain
Ron Nivens Scott Romero
Maria Pennington
Christie Presley
Ike Roebuck Rickey Sturdivant
Marvin Weeks
Chance Cummings
Barry Dendy
Heath Johnson
Neal Sanders
Charity Silver