Garan property prime site for growth, development

By Mayor Tommy Lott
City of Eupora

On April 18 the board and I met in a special called meeting with
Jeremy Murdock of the Stennis Institute and Leah Barbour of
University Relations from Mississippi State. We discussed the future
development of the now-vacant lot known as the old Garan property.

While there are no immediate plans for any particular development at
this time, the meeting was very informative .

Mr. Murdock offered several definite ideas during his presentation as
to the direction the city could take concerning the 11 acres that
make up the entire vacant lot. He included in his presentation as to
how it could be divided and subdivided along with recommendations for
different zoning. He mentioned building codes with boundary and
property line setbacks.

He stated the city should not hesitate in making the decision as to
having in place firm guidelines pertaining to and in regulation of
the development of the property.

I plan to have Ms. Barbour publish a more in-depth analysis of the
presentation in the near future.
In the meantime, my intentions are to recommend to the board that we
grade, fertilize and seed the area. After completion we’ll be able to
utilize the property for various types of recreation.

We then will have a safe place to have family gatherings, picnics and
so forth. Of course this will be in addition to our facility we
currently have at the lake pavilion. It could also include an area
for walking or jogging, etc., or to simply provide an area for our
children to play at least until we have more definite plans for
further development.

The 11 acres located in the center of Eupora is ideal for future
growth and could be zoned for commercial or residential development.

As mentioned in our meeting, the area is uniquely located, a prime
location the city should take full advantage of in one way or another.

Of course it will be left up to this board and the new incoming board
as to how they want to see it developed .

However, I’m hoping the new incoming administration that will be
seated in July will continue our efforts toward the completion of
this project.