Story Hour all about food

By Mary Boutwell, Librarian
Maben Public Library

MABEN — Story Hour at the Maben Public Library on April 12 was
learning where our food comes from.

We had Kermit the Frog help us with a book titled “Ask Kermit, All
about Food.” We found out that our food comes from trees, bushes,
vines and under the ground. Dairy products are from cows, peanut
butter from peanuts, jams from fruit.

Breads and cereals come from grains and maple syrup from maple trees.
Honey comes from bees, eggs from chickens, and raisins from grapes.
We also learned that we need to eat some of each food group.

For our art, we made a food plate, very colorful and consisted of the
five food groups. We ate Yogurt Delight, which contained lots of food
from the food groups.