Jada Melton’s new recording completed

By Don Pounds
Don Pounds
Music Productions

Don Pounds Music Productions is proud to announce the completion of
our newest recording by our award-winning artist Jada Melton. The
album is titled “All Aboard.”

Our production company normally does not record an artist with the
intent to place them on the market if they are under 17. There is
always an exception to any rule. At 15 years old, Jada is already a
pro. At 12 years old she recorded an album under the name of “Lil

Jada entered the music competition at the Country Tonight Theater in
Pigeon Forge, Tenn., competing against 500 other artists. She won
big! She took home Horizon Album of the Year, Entertainer of the Year
and Vocalist of the Year. More recently Jada performed at the
Nashville Palace and the “Nashville Spotlight” television show. Both
are in Nashville, Tenn.

She has also performed at fairs, festivals, auctions, churches and
numerous competitions in four states. We had no problem agreeing to
record and back Jada.

The CD “All Aboard” features 10 original songs written or co-written
by Jada. The album was recorded and mastered in its entirety in our
studio in Eupora. Jada is a country and gospel singer/songwriter. I
believe we recorded the message in the heart and soul of this amazing
young artist.

The title track, “All Aboard,” is a gospel song that says if you want
to be happy like me, trust Jesus! Another song titled “You See
Trouble” is a country song about a boy who is a free spirit and does
everything wrong but is worth saving. Yet another song, “Eleven
O’clock Curfew,” is about the life of a young girl who likes an older
boy. She has to be in by 11 and he is out running around.

We believe Jada’s CD “All Aboard” can stand up to anything on the
market. The album has great vocal hook lines, hot guitar leads, and
soft and sweet where needed. This all adds up to marketability. Pick
up your own copy and see for yourself.

Jada will perform at Relay for Life in Eupora on April 26 and at the
same event in Starkville on May 3.
Congratulations to Jada Melton for this recording. We believe it will
take her all the way. For more information, call 258-2848 or 552-8953.