Vandals target mailboxes in Maben

By Dottie Dewberry
For the WPT

MABEN — Four residents, who all live on Second Avenue, had their
mailboxes knocked over, knocked off, dented or destroyed the night of
March 30.

According to Allen Fulgham, the boxes were tampered with between 10
p.m. that Saturday and Sunday morning. Since there has been so much
rain, there was no evidence that the boxes were hit by a vehicle as
no tire tracks were left beside the boxes. He says he has yet to find
“Red” Williams’ box, except for the bottom part. Fulgham, Williams,
Terry Holland and Mickey Giordano all had boxes tampered with or
destroyed along Second Avenue in Maben.

This happened one block from city hall and the police station.

Fulgham said he reported it to the local law enforcement: Stan
Modzelewski and Calvin Robinson and to Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s
Department Officer William Ford. As there are currently no witnesses,
nothing has been done at this time. We hope watchful eyes and ears
will report anything seen or heard that night.

Not only were boxes tampered with, but street signs around town were
knocked over also. The town of Maben street employees have
straightened up the signs along Second Avenue where the mailboxes
were knocked over.

“Tampering with the U.S. mail is a crime, as is theft of the mail and
tampering with mailboxes and receptacles holding mail. All crimes
related to the U.S. Postal Service are covered under 18 USC Chapter 83.

“Persons found guilty will be fined, or imprisoned for not more than
three years, or both. In 1994 this section was amended: As previously
laid out that the fine would be no more than $1,000, but it is now
open-ended, which means that the fine could be higher.

“Should you destroy a mailbox, and the mail contained in it is
destroyed, you can be charged under 18 USC Chapter 83/1702. This
section covers theft of mail as well as destruction of mail.” The
mail that was in the knocked-over boxes in Maben was scattered on the

“If charged under Section 1702, you can be imprisoned for up to five
years and/or fined. In 1994, fines, up to $2000, were changed to
leave the amount of the fine open-ended (Internet).”

Ignorance of the law does not forgive you when you break the law. You
will be punished and fined if you are found guilty.

Some small communities are enforcing curfew laws for minors as
delinquent actions are being attributed to them.

According to Mayor Larry Pruitt, Maben does have a curfew law.
Currently the mayor and Board of Aldermen are in the process of
hiring a new law enforcement officer. With another officer on the
force, this law will be under stricter enforcement.