FCCLA project wins gold medal

From School Reports

FCCLA members Myra Reeves, Subrena Nall and Sarah Mitchell developed
a school bus safety workshop.

They taught all kindergarteners, first-graders in the Webster County
School District and the pre-K children at WebsterCare Learning Center
school bus safety while loading and unloading the bus, and school bus
etiquette while on the bus.

The students involved people from the community, including Jack
Treloar, superintendent of education, who signed a “School Bus Safety
Week” proclamation. Also, Paul Crowley explained the role the Webster
County supervisors fulfill to help ensure safety of children waiting
to load and unload buses and road safety for the buses. Phil
Ferguson, school bus transportation director, provided the students
information about the driver’s responsibilities to help ensure the
children’s safety.

From the information they collected from many resources, the
students developed their “I See the Driver, the Driver Sees Me”
school bus safety workshop.

Their project won the gold medal for Chapter Service Project Display
at the state FCCLA Competition, which was held in Natchez in March.

These students are in Early Childhood Education at the Webster County
Career and Technology Center under Janice Gardner. They will present
their project at the National FCCLA Conference in Nashville, Tenn.,
in July.