Club tours Shuffield home in Maben

By Dottie Dewberry
For the WPT

MABEN — The ladies of the Maben Home and Garden Club were on the road
again March 19, but they did not travel far; they barely made it out
of the city limits. These gallivanting ladies traveled all the way
out to the new home of Lee and Tabitha Shuffield and his family. WOW!

Using your imagination, it was a beautiful sight to behold; the house
was most unusual in shape; designed so that when one looked out the
windows the pond with its surrounding woods was what one saw;
designed to be part of the wooded scene and not an intrusion.
According to local history, the pond was dug back in the 1930s.

Lee explained to all assembled that he studied at length the view at
different times of the day, giving thought to the sun, the shade and
the view as to how the house would be placed in relationship to the
driveways, and how any foundation plantings as well as the natural
floral (dogwood trees) would be placed or remain. As the house
foundation was rock (stone) little will be placed to cover the beauty
of it.

As he welcomed the club members, he stressed his thankfulness for all
the many projects the club has sponsored in Maben: the maintenance of
the Maben Library grounds, the “Welcome to Maben” sign, the four-way
stop planting, the Adopt-A-Pot pots around town, the town’s Christmas
decorations, the Christmas lighting contest, memorial trees for
deceased members, the donations of books to the library and the
celebratory trees for the birth of children to club members. He then
pointed out the three grandiflora Magnolias that he had planted for
his three children.

With future driveways and parking spaces discussed at length, the
group moved to the other side of the house, where Lee discussed the
grass, and how he had experimented with Palisades Zoysia Grass and
St. Augustine grass under the shade surrounding his home.

The Palisades Zoysia was developed by the Turf Grass Research Lab at
Texas A&M University. Sansing Sod Farm of Maben has the license to
produce and sell this product.
Lee showed us proof that the Palisades was a more proficient grass.
Wallace Sansing of Sansing Sod Farm sent the club members strips of
Palisades to take home and experiment with it in a shady place.

Lee concluded his outside tour with an in-house tour. Thanks, Lee,
you are the best.

Club meeting
Before the tour, the ladies had lunch at Callahan’s Restaurant in
Maben. President Earnest welcomed everyone, and then Scarlet Shepperd
took her devotion from the Crucifixion story; explaining the Shroud
of Turin, the crown of thorns, the sin offering and the scapegoat.

Our sins are forgiven; to be seen no more. She then blessed the
meeting and the meal.
After lunching, the ladies handled the affairs of the club: a
committee was appointed to develop a plan for assigning Adopt-A-Pot
to members, and for the purchasing of soil and flowers for these
pots. The committee members are Gladys Hendrix, Jane Collins, and
Barbara McCants.

A card was read from Mrs. Faye Fulgham, thanking us for having her
speak at the February meeting and for our gift to her.

The 2013-14 officers were voted on as a whole by the club for the new
club year. Installation will be at the May meeting.

The club also agreed to go to the MSU Rose Garden in May and go to
the MSU Horticulture Club Plant Sale on April 5, leaving at 9 o’clock
from the First Baptist Church parking lot. A Dutch treat lunch that
day will be at the Starkville Café.

Kay Lewis and Lorelie Morgan donated the afternoon door prizes, which
Suretha Brooks, Polly Miller and Pat Harpole won.

Club member Jane Collins announced that she will be hosting a table
at the Pregnancy Care Center Banquet on April 11. People interested
in assisting this program need to see her.

After the business the ladies toured out to Lee Shuffields’ new home.